New urban mobility – Hopper E-Bike Vehicle

How to make urban bike riding more comfortable? The Hopper E-Bike Vehicle is the answer. Hopper Mobility is a startup from Augsburg in southern Germany, aiming to revolunize the urban mobility market. And, our cities. The current prototype is a mix of an E-Bike and a Car, with pedals supported by e-mobility. Thanks to the canopy and two front wheels, the occupants stay dry in any weather and the Hopper always stays on track. Besides the driver, another person (or two children) can sit on the back seat. In addition, a luggage compartment offers space for luggage (70 litres, even 220 litres with the rear seat shifted).

the Hopper E-Bike Vehicle – a revolution?

With its bicycle registration, the innovative Hopper vehicle may be driven everywhere where bikes are also permitted: on cycle paths as well as on roads. The difference to classic cargo bicycles lies above all in comfort: the Hopper has comfortable seats and is steered with a steering wheel. With a turning circle of less than two metres, it can negotiate even the tightest bends – unlike many cargo bikes.

At up to 25 km/h, the Hopper is faster in the city than classic motorised individual transport, because traffic jams and detours can often be avoided, and finding a parking space is also child’s play. The range of at least 60 kilometres (extendable to twice that distance with a second battery slot) is easily sufficient for most inner-city journeys. By the way, a special charging infrastructure is not required: the batteries can be charged at any socket. With the extended version, which will have a solar panel on the roof, the Hopper is self-sufficient for a large part of the year.

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Hopper Mobility cabin e-bike

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