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Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg, Germany

The southern German Lake Constance and Upper Swabian Region is rich in little manufacturies and companies that are focused on good quality products with a delicious taste. Discovering a region by it’s Food is like Traveling without moving, enjoying it by Taste and Look. This Weekend the culinary Fair Gusto! is held at Oberschwabenhallen Ravensburg and today, on it’s opening day, it’s open until 10 pm.

More than 80 Manufacturies, Direct-Producers and Companies showcase what this Region has to offer. Own breed meat, own distilled Licquors, own vegan or glutenfree ice-cream and sorbets, Craft Beer with Tettnanger Aroma Hops, Truffle from Saxony and so, so much more. Even though I grew up in this area I didn’t know about this diversity in culinary uniqueness, until now. Up to four public cooking shows will entertain and teach you one or two tricks by (local) Chefs. Pesto, Barbeque, Vegan alternative to the southern german classic “Wurstsalat” and some more dishes will be prepared in each less than 30 minutes.
Of yource the Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg is a possibility to go Shopping, and so did I. Truffle-Cheese by I’m already planning to try it with some good bread this sunday evening. I hope it tastes as good as I imagine it to!

What I liked about the culinary Fair gusto! is that there are not only traditional Products offered. You can find so many unique products and even glutenfree or vegan options. This Fair will be definitely on my List for next Year and I’m looking forward to discover new Products and Companies.

Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg, Germany

Opening Hours:
Friday: 4 pm to 10 pm
Saturday + Sunday: 11 am to 6 pm

Venue: Oberschwabenhalle, Bleicherstraße 20, 88212 Ravensburg, Germany


Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg
Tasting, tasting, tasting,..
Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg  Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg  
Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg  
Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg
Dinnete – so good!
Culinary Fair gusto! in Ravensburg  IMG 0080 

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