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DB Regio Bayern Train from Lindau to Augsburg

A regional express train operated by DB Regio Bayern connects the island in Lake Constance with the Fugger town, Lindau with Augsburg. The journey takes around two hours, through the picturesque Allgäu. From Augsburg, you have connections to numerous long-distance trains such as to Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Erfurt. Lindau is a hub for train connections to other cities on Lake Constance in Germany, such as Friedrichshafen or Ravensburg and Ulm, or to Austrian Vorarlberg, to Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch.

The regional express from Lindau to Augsburg stops a total of 9 times along the route. This makes the Train ideal for a day trip or vacation in the Allgäu, such as for a train ride to Oberstaufen or Immenstadt im Allgäu. It is important to note that when you depart from Lindau Main Station, the front part of the train runs all the way to Augsburg, the second part just to Kempten. In between, another part of the train joins in front of the train, these two then continue to the station Augsburg Hbf, the rear part remains at Kempten train station. This should be taken into account when initially boarding the train in Lindau, otherwise, you have to change to another compartment at one of the stops.

The train from Lindau to Augsburg features both 2nd and 1st class. A corresponding “Bayern Ticket” can be used for both classes. On the train, there are of course toilets, but that’s already all regarding “amenities”. There are no sockets or a free WiFi network on the train, so more (free) time is guaranteed to enjoy the beautiful area 😉
The seats are arranged in a 2-2 configuration throughout the train, sometimes as two individual seats in/against the direction of travel, as well as 4-seat groups with a table in the middle. Luggage racks run above the seats, there is no level storage for luggage, but there are hooks for jackets installed between the windows. Some of them feature the possibility to be tilted in the upper area, but cannot be opened due to the air conditioning in the train.

My train journey
Departure: 09:24 am Lindau Hbf
Arrival: 11:29 am +1.5 minutes Augsburg Hbf
RE3285 on May 6th, 2020

DB Regio Bayern train in Lindau
DB Regio Bayern train in Lindau
Inside DB Regio Bayern train, for the ride from Lindau to Augsburg
Inside DB Regio Bayern train, for the ride from Lindau to Augsburg

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