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Train Travel Bavaria Allgaeu

Travelling Cheap and Affordable while being on the Road with public transport is always very important – no one wants to pay more than she/he actually should! And if you are travelling in Bavaria I have some great Tips on how to save on Train Travel in Bavaria.

How to save on Train Travel in Bavaria in Germany

Travelling with the ‘Bayern Ticket’ in Bavaria

For cheap Train Tickets you can choose the so-called “Bayern Ticket” in Bavaria, for one or up to 5 people. You can travel all day long, starting from 9 am and till 3 am the other day. But you are allowed to take the regional, and slower, trains only. Faster Trains like the “ICE” or “IC” or “EC” are not allowed with this reduced option. Nevertheless, the Tickets Price is 23 € per single person, and each 5€ more per Person. So, if you are a group of 4 people you have to pay 38 € (23+5+5+5) for a day of unlimited train travel in whole Bavaria. Munich to Nurnberg, Memmingen to Passau, everything is possible.

Travelling with the ‘Allgäu Ticket’ in the Allgäu area only

If you are travelling in the Allgäu Area only, from Munich and Memmingen to Lindau at Lake Constance, or to Immenstadt where I just headed to today, or even to Neuschwanstein Castle, and if you choose the “Allgäu Ticket” by Deutsche Bahn you save even a little more money as the Allgäu-only Ticket is even cheaper. 20€ for one person only, again, and 5€ again per another human. So for a group of 4 people travelling in the south-western area of Bavaria you only have to pay 35€. Sure, it are just 3€ but to me every euro I can save on the same is very important to me and for this money I could get up to three ice-cream’s in a cone, so said for free.

Where to get the cheap train tickets for Bavaria

No matter if you are taking the “Bayern Ticket” (Bavaria Ticket) or the “Allgäu Ticket”, you can buy both right at the DB Bahn Ticket Machine that you can find at every train station. Usually they are in blue and mainly red colors and have Tickets written somewhere on them. On the Touchscreen you select the “Regional Tickets” and then the one you want – Bavaria or Allgäu (or Berlin, or Saxony, or,..), the number of people travelling with it in total and finally the date you want to travel with it. Usually you can book Tickets up to 3 months in advance.

But sometimes: regular tickets are cheaper

Specific Regional Tickets are often cheaper in Germany, but sometimes they are not. So you should better do some research on where you want to go and with how many other people. If you are anyway from outside Germany the Inter Railir?t=thcaad 21&l=as2&o=3&a=0957236360 Ticket for Germany might be interesting for you. But to me as a German resident I’ve first checked the ticket price for my train travel from Lake Constance to Immenstadt im Allgäu and the regular ticket price was 14,85 € including a reduction of -25% as I have a special Card to have this reduction. This Bahn Card 25, for about 70 euros per year, allows me to always train-trip for -25% less. And as I was travelling just one way per day I’ve chosen to buy every ticket separate. If I’d have travelled return the same day the Allgäu Ticket would have been for sure cheaper.

So, always compare prices and find the best value.. and invest the saved money in more experiences 🙂


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