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Experience: FlixBus from Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia

FlixBus Vienna Bratislava -

Long-distance Buses are connecting Europe. Often they are a cheaper alternative to Travel, with so many destinations. Right after they first launched their company in Germany, I’ve been a frequent user of their service. Even though I still prefer to take Trains as this completely slows me down and gives room for the excitement of a new destination, sometimes a Bus is a better alternative. With FlixBus you can take up to 2 bags of luggage with you, in addition to one carry-on (this is where you have to put all your belongings in), but more importantly, they have free WiFi and a wireless entertainment system. With any of your device, you can surf the web, watch movies or listen to music. All for free, with no further charges. In the past, I already travelled to Munich and Venice by FlixBus.

In Austria, I boarded a FlixBus to drive to Slovakia. Did you know, Vienna and Bratislava are the closest European capitals, with just 60 km in between? And the price of this Tour is equally attractive, with just 5 Euro per way. The FlixBus Buses from Vienna to Bratislava stop at the Viennese Bus Terminal, at Vienna Airport and then drive straight to Bratislava Bus Station (Novy Most) and to Einsteinova/Petržalka. For sure, depending on the demand of the Routes prices can increase, but usually, you can buy a Ticket for this Route for less than 10€ per person. Not for this Route, but in total there are 4 FlixBus bus stops in Bratislava, and 8 in Vienna. Feel free to check out the Route Map by Flixbus to view all the possible connections and routes.

If you are arriving at Vienna Airport and want to take a FlixBus straight to Bratislava, they depart at platform 3 to 6. When leaving the VIA Airport Terminal at the McDonalds exit, they are to your left.

Vienna Erdberg Busbahnhof VIB - FlixBus Vienna Bratislava -
Vienna Erdberg Busbahnhof VIB

FlixBus Vienna Bratislava -

Bratislava Bus Station (Novy Most) FlixBus Vienna Bratislava -
Bratislava Bus Station (Novy Most)


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