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Falafel Burger with Irish Cheddar at Fletcher's Better Burger Frankfurt

Falafel Burger at Fletcher’s Better Burger Frankfurt

by european travelblogger Lisa


If you want to eat a Burger in Frankfurt, you have plenty of options. But if you want to eat a vegetarian Burger (or even Vegan) the options get smaller! Close to the Main Station, in the Bahnhofsviertel, there is Fletcher’s Better Burger located. First I discovered them via Instagram and immediately knew that I had to eat there – don’t their Burger look delicious?

The Fletcher’s Better Burger Restaurant I visited is easy to find, just leave the Central Station on the right side and follow the street until you can spot the €-Logo of the former european national bank. Then look on the left and there you should spot the Logo above the Shop. Due to its popularity you should calculate some extra time. During my visit shortly after 3:30 pm on a Wednesday there were still most tables free, but when I left at around 4pm there were in total 12 people in- and outside.
For ordering you first have to quee at the reception and order your menu or burger. For Vegetarians there are two options available – the Falafel Burger and the Falafel Cheeseburger with Irish Cheddar. I tried the Cheeseburger and combined it with Coke and some fries for a total of 10,90 Euro. After paying I received a beeper and sat at a free table to wait. Even though I was the second person in the store, a third one came some minutes after me, I had roughly 10 minutes to wait – handmade is not comparable to McD food. But then, the beeper vibrated and I could pick up my tray. A little hidden there are Ketchup and Mayo-Dispensers on the left to the kitchen, as well as Napkins and cutlery.

By standard every Burger contains Iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayonnaise, honey mustard and Heinz ketchup. For free you can add free toppings like roasted onions, fried mushrooms or hot sauces. My Falafel Cheeseburger at Fletcher’s Better Burger Frankfurt was good, but not phenomenal (wait for my Falafel Burger Review from Florence!). The Falafel Patty was very huge, in the middle at least 2 to 3 cm and the crust was very hard to bite. As the Burger was already huge in height it was quite difficult for me to eat it as the burger bun was delicious and soft, but the falafel so tough. The fries were good was well, but a little too thick for me as I prefer super-crispy fries.
Overall I would eat again at Fletcher’s Better Burger in Frankfurt, but after I tried the other ones (like JAMY’s or Der fette Bulle).

Address Fletcher’s Better Burger Frankfurt

Münchener Str. 11
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Falafel Burger at Fletcher’s Better Burger Frankfurt

Falafel Burger at Fletcher's Better Burger Frankfurt

Falafel Burger at Fletcher's Better Burger Frankfurt

Falafel Burger at Fletcher's Better Burger Frankfurt

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