Instagram Apps for Windows Phone

Instagram Apps for Windows Phone


Instagram for Windows Phone? Yes, it’s (finally) possible! When I first owned one of the new Nokia with the Windows Phone OS, this was back in Summer 2011, the OS was still new and there haven’t been many Apps yet on the App Store. Sadly there was no Instagram App available and so I changed my Phone pretty fast… Late in 2014 I decided to give the Windows Phone Operating System another try and bought a Nokia Lumia 530 in bright orange. Of course I wanted to enjoy Instagram on it and yes, there were finally Instagram Apps for Windows Phone available! I found two, one official and one unofficial. Here I’m now introducing both of them to you.

Pictastic for INSTAGRAM for Windows Phone

Pictastic is a free downloadable App for Instagram, but a third-party one. This means that the Pictastic App allows you to log in to your existing Instagram Account and you can upload Pictures, browse and like other ones. You can start following other Accounts and also unfollow, if you want to. But, as it is a third-party App, the creator of this version wants to earn some money through it and so there is advertising on the bottom of the screen, on every site. The notifications function works as well, when someone liked one of your pictures or started following you.
Pictastic Instagram App Windows Phone Nokia Lumia

Instagram BETA for Windows Phone

Instagram BETA is the original Instagram App for Windows Phone. The App already remained as a BETA Version for about a Year now. Therefore there have been no updated functions or anything. From the look it’s definitely similar to the iOS and Android Instagram-App Versions. But the Windows Phone App is lacking some features. For example there is no possibility for you to edit your Picture within the App. No Filters, no Cropping. Everything has to be done in advance, before opening the Picture in the Instagram BETA App for Windows Phone. Nevertheless and besides this, the App works smoothly and without any ads on the bottom or anywhere else. If you take a picture through the App you don’t have a pre-scaled 1:1 Picture, you’re still shooting in your pre-set 16:9 or 4:3 format and afterwards you can cut it to the classical Instagram 1:1 format. This is a bit annoying, so sometimes you don’t know exactly if everything fits in the format or not. But you can take Pictures with the “Nokia Camera” App, there you can pre-set some lines on the screen for the 1:1 Instagram format. Uploading Videos is, unfortunately, not possible. I really hope for a soon update with new filters, a video upload function, the possibility to edit posts etc.
Instagram BETA App Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 530

Overall I recommend the original of both Instagram Apps for Windows Phone.


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