ROKKA – best Falafel in Antalya, Turkey

ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita

The Falafel at ROKKA Pizza Falafel Sandwich in Antalya were the very best I’ve ever had, and I already had a lot Falafel. You can eat Falafel, and you can eat Falafel. Even though they are such an easy dish, there can be huge differences in texture and taste. The ones by ROKKA Antalya were super crispy, very soft inside and seasoned on point.

Very close to the Hadrian’s Gate (“Üçkapılar“) in the city centre of Antalya you can find ROKKA Pizza Falafel Sandwich. Besides Falafel, they offer Pizza and Sandwich as well. The best, for me, everything is vegetarian or even vegan. And the prices are a dream as well! The Restaurant is easy to reach, just a quick walk from all the sights and the old town. During my first visit I’ve chosen a mix of everything, the Falafel Plate, for 16 Tl (5 €). Hummus, Falafel, Tahini and a Salad with pickled vegetables. Sounds like a proper meal, and it definitely was. In total, I had 8 Falafel and these were the very best I have ever had. They are traditionally made by Syrian Men at ROKKA.
As it was so good, and the atmosphere super nice with good music, I went there again the other day to try the Falafel Wrap for 6 TL, 1,90 €. The thin bread was filled with Salad, pickled vegetables, tahini and Falafel. The portion was, compared to the Falafel Plate, smaller but I again enjoyed it very much.

I’m really sad that Antalya is so far away, but I’ll be definitely back in this beautiful region and my first meal will be at ROKKA for sure. If you like Falafel and Hummus, or Pizza, ROKKA is your place to go in Antalya.

Address ROKKA

Haşimişcan, Recep Peker Cd.
07100 Muratpaşa/Antalya

Opening Hours: daily until about 10 pm

ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
Tahini, Hummus and Vinegar (?)
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
delicious Hummus
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
Falafel Plate at ROKKA Antalya for 16 TL
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
ROKKA Falafel
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
ROKKA Antalya Interior
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
ROKKA Falafel Wrap for 6 TL

ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita

ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
beautiful tiles
ROKKA Falafel Antalya JoyDellaVita
outside ROKKA in Antalya


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