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Franzbrötchen with apple by Mutterland Hamburg

“Traditionally made from Danish pastry with cinnamon and sugar, it is an integral part of Hanseatic cuisine”, this is what the extract from the MUTTERLAND website describes perfectly. Hamburg cannot be imagined without Franzbrötchen. Because what kind of food is most associated with Hamburg, apart from the fish sandwich. Exactly, Franzbrötchen! Delicious Franzbrötchen! And perhaps the most delicious version of the cinnamon delicacy can be found at Mutterland Hamburg. Motherland’s slogan is “Delicacies from good old Germany” and what could sound better for a culinary excursion. Mutterland operates a total of 4 branches in Hamburg, as well as one in Büsum, and an extensive online shop. For the latter, I can particularly recommend the “Made in Germany” category, with delicacies from all federal states in Germany.

Near the Inner Alster and centrally located in the city centre (near the Zalando Outlet, for example), I bought my Franz Apple in the MUTTERLAND CITY branch, as well as a small cappuccino to go. Then past the Große Bleichen, over the Jungfernstieg promenade and directly to the banks of the Inner Alster to enjoy a relaxed lunch snack. Here you should watch out for the hungry and sometimes aggressive swans and other feathered animals – the Franzbrötchen taste just as good for them, and they are also ready for a little fight … Because nobody likes to share their Franz von Mutterland! The Franzbrötchen from Mutterland are not traditionally rolled and then flattened but remain round and high. Thus the edge is nice and crispy, and the inside is still fluffy and moist.

The highlight: Mutterland not only offers classic Franzbrötchen, Franz, but also filled with, for example, juicy apple pieces or topped with cream cheese or chocolate. Why classic when you can also do something extra? I can absolutely recommend Franz von Mutterland Hamburg. The good location of the city branch makes it ideal for a small snack on the go. The price for a Franz with apple, cream cheese or chocolate is € 2.40 each. In addition to Franzbrötchen, Mutterland also offers a vegan chocolate and cherry cake or lemon and poppy seed cake for € 2.90 each, among other things. Additionally, I can also recommend these cafés and restaurants in Hamburg.

Address MUTTERLAND CITY : Poststraße 14-16, 20354 Hamburg
Opening times : Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m., (basement from 10 a.m.)

Delicatessen shop in MUTTERLAND CITY at Poststrasse 14-16, 20354 Hamburg

Delicatessen shop in MUTTERLAND CITY at Poststrasse 14-16, 20354 Hamburg

Fresh Franz from the tray with cream cheese from motherland Hamburg

Fresh Franz from the tray with cream cheese from motherland Hamburg, next to chocolate Franz

Apple Franz von Mutterland Hamburg on the Inner Alster

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