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Lunch at Gasthaus Breitachklamm Restaurant Oberstdorf-Tiefenbach

Gasthaus Breitachklamm Restaurant in Oberstdorf has been a divine decision to have Lunch at. Located right next to the Breitachklamm gorge, the deepest rocky gorge of central europe, the Restaurant offers Food and Drinks both in- and outside. On such a wonderful sunny fall day, I have for sure opted for the outside terrace with panoramic views. Due to its convenient location, and being the only place in this area to eat something, the terrace has been accordingly popular that day, but luckily I grabbed the last remaining table in the sun. Usually typical for Bavarian cuisine are meat-heavy dishes, however, I found a nice vegetarian alternative: baked camembert with a mixed salad. For just 7,40€ I received a plate with two baked camembert rounds, tasty cranberry sauce and a mixed salad with a yoghurt based dressing. A perfect healthy yet delicious dish, and a great base to start exploring Oberstdorf.
When visiting Breitachklamm, and Gasthaus Breitachklamm Restaurant, keep in mind there are both summer and winter opening hours.

Gasthaus Breitachklamm
Address: Klammstraße 45-46 in 87561 Oberstdorf-Tiefenbach
Opening hours: summer season Mo, Tue, Thu 9 am – 6 pm Fr, Sa, So 9 am – 8 pm
winter season Mo, Tue, Thu 10 am – 6 pm Fr, Sa, So 10 am – 8 pm

Gasthaus Breitachklamm Restaurant Oberstdorf-Tiefenbach

Breitachklamm Restaurant Oberstdorf Salad Camembert

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