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How come it’s already, almost, February? Wasn’t 2018 just somewhat yesterday? Wow, time flies… My Travel Year 2018 hasn’t been as hectic and busy as my past years, but guess what, I enjoyed it nevertheless. I started a new (fulltime) Job in June and couldn’t travel for the first three months at all. But, I soon took advantage of good fares and went to the magical south of France. An area I can’t stop returning to! Later this past year I haven’t had possibilities to travel but have big plans for the upcoming Travel Year 2019. As a review, to end 2018 and get this current year starting here on the blog, I have concluded all my travels and the cities I visited in 2018. Hopefully, 2019 has more experiences to offer 🙂

My Travel Blogger Year 2018 – Cities I visited in 2018

January – x

FebruaryCanberra, Doha

March Palermo, Valencia, Donostia San Sebastian

April London

May – Italy Roadtrip (Meran, Verona, Trieste, Vicenza, Padua)

July Lugano

August Frankfurt

September Hamburg, Oberstdorf, Freiburg, Baden-Baden, Monaco, Nice, Aix-en-Provence

October – x

November – x

December – x

Countries I’ve visited

Australia, Qatar, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK



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  1. […] For a second time in a row, what a year it has been. The Coronavirus still simultaneously holds our world at pace, whilst turning and spinning personal worlds around. I dearly hope you haven’t been too affected by the Virus personally, may it be with an infection or even the loss of a loved one! Even if it sometimes shakes our lives too hard, it is important to focus on the good that’s yet to come. Therefore, my travel schedule has been on another hold this year. Hopefully more (distant) travel will be safely possible soon. However, until then it’s also great to explore your local area. For comparison, you can read more about my travel schedules of the past years in these articles: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016. […]


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