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How to avoid “Travel Stress” … the next time!

During my recent trip, it really hit me. Travel Stress. Or Holiday Stress, however you want to name it. This recent trip to the south of France wasn’t actually just a Trip, it was supposed to be my holiday. A typical holiday, with lots of relaxation, recreation, enjoyment and everything should be easy going and relaxed. Well, turned out I was more exhausted when I returned home than when I left. During the trip, I had loose plans for things to see and do, but even those few things I had scheduled beforehand, had such a stress impact on me, there was just no time to wind down. In order to avoid this holiday stress or travel stress, I have concluded some points I want to keep in mind on my next trip/holiday, to focus even more on relaxing.

my future tips to avoid holiday stress

Social media/smartphone ban – even though I didn’t bring my laptop, I was still very often on my phone. Checking for new emails and social media posts, monitoring the blog, sending pictures (“digital postcards”) home, researching new places to visit and more. The next time I really want to try a complete social media detox, and only use the phone for offline navigation, but no business interactions whatsoever.

No plans create FOMO – this recent trip was actually the least-planned trip I have taken in ages. Maybe it was exactly this feeling of “now I’m here, I should be doing everything possible” that made me, even more, stressed. The next time I will definitely research beforehand what to do, and what I can miss, to have a loose schedule, but no worries on site about what else I can do and fit in a day. Lesson learnt, I definitely am a scheduler type of traveller and will stick to this in the future.

A day in the hotel/a café/ the beach is no wasted day – sure, you are paying money for every night you stay in a hotel/hostel/apartment. “You should make the best use of it” but the next time I definitely want to accept that it’s definitely possible to just waste a day relaxing in the hotel, or with a good book in a street side café or even in a lounge chair by the beach/pool. Acceptance that such easy days are acceptable is definitely something I need to work on.

What are your tips and recommendations on having a stress-free getaway or holiday? How do you make sure to fully relax during a trip? Can’t wait to hear your experiences in the comments below!

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