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Hard Rock Cafe Dublin – is the Restaurant worth it?

On a visit to Dublin, however short it may be, at least one visit to a pub is a must! And so, on my first day in the capital city of Ireland, I went to the Hard Rock Cafe on Fleet Street to eat delicious food, listen to good music and stroll through the store. The Hard Rock Cafe Dublin is located in the Temple Bar district, and also right near THE Temple Bar. When in Dublin you can hardly avoid not passing by here. Of course it’s no authentic Irish pub, but as a first-time solo traveler to Dublin it’s alright.

At the Hard Rock Cafe in the Irish capital

Already from afar I recognized the famous Hard Rock Cafe logo and knew immediately, here I am right. Upon entering, as its usual for the Hard Rock Cafes, you first enter the store. The shop area is to the right of the entrance, on the left follows the guest room and down the stairs is the bar. There they only serve cocktails and (alcoholic) drinks, to eat you have to stay on the ground floor. 

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin Restaurant

After a quick look at the menu, as tempting as the burgers or sandwiches sounded, as a vegetarian I opted for the “Original Hard Rock Onion Rings” plus a portion of fries and a half pint of Heineken. What a shame not to drink Guinness in Dublin, but I’m rather a fan of transparent beer… The restaurant area of the Hard Rock Cafe Dublin room was always busy during my visit, regularly with guests waiting to finally take a seat at a table. Although the rather smaller restaurant, which had no more than about 20 tables, was full at all times I didn’t have to wait more than 10 minutes for my food, the cool beer was even served a few minutes after ordering. Hard Rock Cafe Dublin’s onion rings are served with a “hickory bar-b-que” sauce, a recipe for this sauce can be found online here.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin Onion Rings
Original Hard Rock Onion Rings

Is a visit to Hard Rock Cafe Dublin worth it?

A visit to Hard Rock Cafe Dublin is nice, but also not necessarily typical of Dublin as there are Hard Rock Cafes all over the world. The food, drink and music were tasty and entertaining, but also nothing remarkable for Dublin or Ireland. As with other franchise chains, you get the usual products worldwide of known quality. For real Irish pub culture, rather visit a small individual owned restaurant.

Hard Rock Cafe Dublin
Address: 12 Fleet Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
Opening hours Restaurant: noon until late
Opening hours Store: 10 a.m. until late

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