Hello Czech Republic! / Dobrý den, Česká republika!


Hello and Dobrý den, Česká republika! I just arrived in the Czech Republic, at the Airport of Prague, to start a Trip with the focus on “Active Holidays in the Czech Republic”. Today I will stay a bit in Prague, for an unconventional City Tour, until we head south towards the Bohemian Forest. There I will drive on an electric boat on the dam Lipno, have a Trip to the trail tops of the Trees, hike the glacial lakes and mountain Špičák, go to Jezerní slat (Lake Fen) and visit the National Park. A lot is planned on these upcoming three days and for sure I’ll report about it very detailed afterwards (until then there are a few articles in the queue, so don’t be surprised) – if I hopefully survive all the hiking 😉

Before I leave my Smartphone in the pocket and the notebook in my bag – to fully enjoy the views and a country I’ve never been to – is there anything you’d especially like to know about? Or have you visited/hiked in the same area and you have some tips or advice?
Please comment everything below, I’ll be happy about your feedback! 🙂

And now… let’s go and discover the nature of the Czech Republic! (Follow me on Instagram and have an eye on the Hashtag #DiscoverCZ for live-as-possible impressions of the Trip!)


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