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How far is Bratislava from Vienna?

How far is Bratislava from Vienna, the capital of Slovakia and the Capital of Austria? Not as far as you might imagine. In fact, those both cities are the nearest capital cities, with just 55km in between. Both are separated by the river Danube, and also both have charming old towns. Slovakia was once ruled by communism, which makes it a relatively young country with the age of 24 years right now. Austria, on the other hand, has national heritage everywhere. For most Travellers, Austria and especially Vienna (among other Cities such as Salzburg of course) is a beloved destination. Slovakia, well, is often misunderstood as Slovenia, another totally different country more south in Europe. Any Trip to Vienna is also a great opportunity to take a Day Trip to Bratislava. As both cities are located so close, there are many possibilities to travel between those two cities and countries. In the following now an overview.

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna by Car

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna by Train

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna by Bus

A very easy option to travel in Europe are long distance buses. To take the Trip from Bratislava to Vienna I already took a green FlixBus. With prices starting at 5€ per person, and a duration of 45 minutes from Vienna Airport, this is unbeatable.

How to get to Bratislava from Vienna by Ferry

It wouldn’t be the Danube River if you couldn’t travel on it with a boat or ferry. In fact, there are daily lines, connecting those two capital cities. In just xxx minutes you can travel from Vienna xxx to the heart of Bratislava.

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