How to generate organic engagement on Twitter (retweet, like & Followers)

Achieving engagement on social media, isn’t this everyone’s desire? Especially on Twitter, to attract hundreds to thousands of fans, your tweets get liked and retweeted by so many people. If you, so far, have barely any engagement and interactions on Twitter, you might aks yourself what you are doing wrong, or what you can improve. To give you a headstart on how to gain popularity on the social platform Twitter, I have concluded three tips for you. Best would be to test out all three, in the beginning, to find out which way works best for you. If you have any further questions regarding Twitter, and “how to make it on Twitter”, don’t hesitate to comment below!

Join a social exchange group on Facebook

It’s as simple as that: you join a daily thread by leaving the direct link to a Twitter Tweet. Those daily threads are either for Twitter Retweets, Twitter Likes or Twitter Link-Click-Through. You can even participate in all threads the same day! However please keep in mind you have to complete all three threads within 24 hours yourself!

In detail, it works like this: You have joined the Twitter Link-Click-through Thread. You post a link to your latest post on Twitter that includes a link to your blog. Every post in this Facebook Group Thread is numeric, so, you are comment 17), in total, 23) comments are posted that day before the thread is closed. After it is closed (and even before), you have to complete the other 22 comments of the same thread. All within 24 hours after the thread you participated was closed. So, you proceed to 1), click on the Twitter link in the Facebook Group, and the Twitter Tweet opens in a new Tab on your computer browser. Now all you have to do is to click the link to the website or blog, and have to wait until the page has fully loaded, and remain at least 1 minute on the page. This way, the person gets a page view, and engagement on Twitter as someone has clicked through Twitter on the Link. This is a valuable Twitter engagement! After having completed the first comment in the Facebook group, you give this comment a thumbs up/like, and proceed to 2). Return the above steps until you have completed every 22 comments/links/twitter click-through. Once you have mastered this, go back to your comment 17) and comment your comment with “done”. This way, you indicate to have finished your promised work.

If you are interested in this kind of Twitter engagement, for Likes, retweets and click-through, join this group on Facebook: Boost your Blog 101 (the language of the group is English)

How to gain more Twitter Followers, by following others on Social Media

Probably the easiest way to gain Twitter followers is to join a Social Activity Exchange Network. One of those that I use from time to time for individual activities works as simple as this: by being active and engaging with specific social platforms (Facebook, Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter etc.) you receive points. In exchange, you can use those points to redeem a service of your liking. For example, Twitter followers, Twitter retweets, or you can even book Twitter tweets (you only specify the text, this exact text is posted later by real accounts).
You can sign up for free on addmefast here:
Tip: if you are a daily active user on the platform, you will receive a one-time daily bonus of 500 points, after having completed 75 tasks the same day. With those 500 extra points alone you have the potential to gain so many new Twitter followers, absolutely for free (as it’s a free bonus) – definitely worth a try 😉

How to increase Twitter popularity, without “having to” interact on Twitter

However, if you do not want to interact with other users on Twitter (being “forced” to) you can also join the slower way to Twitter fame. You simply have to be an active user. Share witty posts, use trending hashtags appropriately and simply attract followers and engagement on Twitter by being you. This path is definitely always recommendable; however, it might take quite long to achieve certain levels of engagement.
The ideal way of upping your Twitter engagement might be a combination of all three mentioned methods. What do you think?

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