How to experience a Zeppelin NT airship flight in southern Germany / Lake Constance

The Zeppelin NT is THE sight to see in southern Germany at Lake Constance. With its home base in Friedrichshafen, it is no unusual sight and thing to hear when holidaying in the Lake Constance area. A dull whirring sound can be heard as the zeppelin hovers nearby. And then this big flying cigar, mayestically floating in the air, driving even. For a short time you are even in the shade when the zeppelin flies directly above you. Or even just far in the distance on the horizon, seeing a zeppelin is a unique sensation.

Whats is an airship

A rigid airship is a type of airship (or dirigible) in which the envelope is supported by an internal framework rather than by being kept in shape by the pressure of the lifting gas within the envelope, as in blimps (also called pressure airships) and semi-rigid airships. Rigid airships are often commonly called Zeppelins, though this technically refers only to airships built by the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin company.
Source: Wikipedia

Do Zeppelin airships still fly today?

Chances are, you have already head about the airship Hindenburg. This massive flying thing which caught fire upon landing in New Jersey after crossing the atlantic. But lucky for you, airships do still fly today. And, its super easy to book a Zeppelin NT flight in southern Germany! Primarily for leisure guests, up to two Zeppelin airships go on multiple daily flights in the Lake Constance area. Covering not only southern Germany, but also Austria, Switzerland and parts (in view) of Liechtenstein.
During certain short periods of times, one Zeppelin is also stationed in other cities. Scenic Flights are then also offered in Munich in Germany as well as in western-german Cities Cologne, Frankfurt or Dusseldorf. Flights usually take 30 , 45, 60 or even 120 minutes. Prices start at 260 Euro per Person.
For special Zeppelin NT experiences, such as becoming a Zeppelin Pilot for a day, or to book a Hangar Tour without a flight, check out “experience the Zeppelin”.

How to book a Zeppelin NT Flight in southern Germany

Booking your Zeppelin NT flight is fairly easy. In theory, as the flights are super popular. If you have found availability, its easy to make your reservation, but finding availability, tho. However, it depends on the date of the week and the season, summer is more booked than late spring and fall of course. So, to proceed with your Zeppelin Flight Booking as the following: Visit the Website and right from the front page you will have an overview of the next upcoming flights, and each availability. Otherwise, visit this page to search for available flights on your preferred date, And then, proceed from there 😉

Zeppelin Hangar at Friedrichshafen Airport FDH
Zeppelin Hangar at Friedrichshafen Airport FDH

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