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New Year, New Adventures – with the Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack. With Summer in its early stages, all I want to do is spent as much time outside as possible. Finally, consistently warmer temperatures allow for great excursions and trips outside. Instead of blocking a full day of the weekend, I have found great pleasure in micro-adventures. After work, even better if it’s possible to leave work a little early, and just venture into nature. An almost full day behind screens, between phone calls and meetings, followed by physical activity somewhere in nature. Just calmness, being active somewhere outdoor, truly wonderful.
To support both my plans for the day, being an office girl and an outdoor girl afterwards, I was looking for a new partner in crime. A backpack, this time a backpack and not just a waist pack, that is stylish enough to accompany me to the office but still works well on outdoor adventures such as easy 10k hikes/walks right after. And, I found it quickly thanks to the Osprey Website.
One specific unisex backpack made of recycled materials soon caught my attention. Plus its availability in this attention-grabbing, but not too flashy, Mud Red convinced me shortly. The Osprey Archeon 25 Hiking Pack will undergo my real-life test these upcoming weeks, and soon I will publish my review. How will I appreciate and enjoy the padded laptop sleeve, in a hiking backpack, will it fit all my essentials for work&play? You will definitely find out about it, soon! As I already own, and quickly fell in love, with my travel backpack by Osprey (which I use for trips of up to one full week), Im quite convinced the Archeon won’t let me down… but, I’ll let you know my honest experience and opinion!


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