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Vegetarian Pide in Istanbul near Taksim Square

Delicious and cheap vegetarian Pide in Istanbul near famous Taksim Square. If you want to immerse yourself in a foreign culture, you have to eat and feast like locals. In my case, I went for a vegetarian Pide on my first evening in Istanbul, right after arriving from the airport. As my Hotel for the stay, Faros Taksim Hotel, offered coupons for Faros Kebap Restaurant, the choice of a restaurant for the evening has been easily settled. A good decision, tho! For just a few bucks or euros, dollars or turkish liras TL you can enjoy an authentic Turkish meal, just a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of Taksim Square.

What is Turkish Pide?

The most famous Turkish dishes are definitely Kebap and Baklava. However, Pide is also widely popular not only in Turkey itself but among Turkish restaurants worldwide. It’s pretty similar to an Italian Pizza if you will allow this comparison. A Pide is made of dough, which is formed like a boat with pointy ends, and filled with a variety of choices. Most popular are spinach (Ispanaklı Pide), cheese (Peynirli Pide or Kaşarlı Pide), or spinach and cheese, Sucuk (Sucuklu Pide) or minced meat (Kiymali Pide). The Pide is then baked in an oven, just like pizza, and is usually eaten while sitting, not so much for takeaway/eating on the go (like Döner Kebap for example).

Vegetarian Pide in Istanbul near Taksim Square at Faros Kebap

Upon entering Faros Kebap in Beyoğlu, a district on the European side of İstanbul, you will definitely enjoy the modern interior of this Kebap Restaurant. Based on availability, you can enjoy your meal either inside or streetside outside. On the meno of the turkish restaurants are all the classics you will want to enjoy when in Turkey.

From a traditional turkish breakfast for 27 TL (2,59 Euro), a lentil soup for 10 TL (0,96 Euro), various saldas starting from 10 TL (0.96 Euro), to Adana Kebap Plates for 36 TL (3,45 Euro), T-Bone steak for 50 TL (4,87 Euro) or a mixed grilled plate for 95 TL (9.09 Euro), to Chicken Shish for 27 TL (2,58 Euro) and various Pide starting from 22 TL (2,11 Euro) and Lahmacun for 10 TL (0.96 Euro). For Dessert you can indulge in Kunefe with Cream for 16 TL (1,53 Euro), Rice Pudding for 12 TL (1,15 Euro), Baklava for 9 TL (0,86 Euro) or mixed freh Fruit for 14 TL (1,34 Euro).
To get another glimpse of everything they offer, their website is even available in english, check out the direct link to the Menu section below.

My vegetarian Pida for 24 TL (2,32 Euro) came pre-cut in slices and was plentyful topped with veggies, and cheese. Exactly the right amount of cheese, and a Pide with cripsy edges. An incredible meal for just a few bucks! Friendly and attentive staff definitely makes it easy to recommend this Kebap Restaurant near Taksim Square in Istanbul! For either an authentic turkish breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Address Faros Kebap Istanbul near Taksim Square: Kocatepe, Şht. Muhtar Bey Caddesi No:28, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey
Opening hours: daily 08:30 am – 01:00 am

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