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Introducing: Hello Spring – Hello new Me Series

Hello spring, soon hello to the new me! You want to find out how to optimise and organise your life in time for the soon approaching spring? Learn how Manifesting and Goal Setting works, for yourself and your relationship? Well, hello Springtime! This fabulous time of new beginnings. Plants reawaken after winter, flowers sprout and begin to bloom for the first time. The days become longer, the sun emerges from behind the clouds more often and more frequently. Gone are the short, grey and cold days. It is slowly getting warmer, the sun is laughing, and so the heart and soul should also become warmer and laugh more.

Spring – ideal time for new beginnings

If the first day of every year is classically associated as the start of something new, I want to use this differently. For me, it’s spring. The ultimate start of something new, beautiful, good. Ideal for planning the future. But also to get an overview, and insight, into the current self. What makes me tick as a person? How could I organize my life better? For a better overview of what has been done and the future, and the future direction of one’s own life.

Like a big international brand, you should also look at yourself. You are worth more to yourself than the most expensive brands in the world. What value do status symbols have if you don’t know and value yourself? Do such a brand analysis on yourself for a fabulous spring and summer 2022 and a prosperous, glorious future. Only those who have an idea of the future can approach it and work towards it accordingly. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but have an idea of what you want and enjoy the many small achievements and target points along the way.

New self-development Series

This post, “Hello Spring – Hello New Me” is planned as an overview of upcoming published posts. Save this post for future reference, either bookmark it in your internet browser, the image below on Pinterest, or follow along on Instagram at @lisa_joydellavita. Don’t miss any of the following posts, or just check back in a few weeks. Those articles are scheduled to be published every Saturday by 10 am central europe time from now on. You might also be interested in the Health and Fitness categories and Article Archives!

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