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Instagram Accounts to follow before visiting Doha, Capital of Qatar

The Kingdom of Qatar is a great destination for a holiday or just a brief getaway. Doha isn’t (yet) as famous and overrun by tourists such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, which makes it even more enjoyable. Before visiting Doha and Qatar for the first time, you should definitely plan your trip ahead. And what better App to use, than browsing Instagram for recommendations? Right before visiting a (new) place, I usually search for local Accounts to follow, to get a first impression of the area or city. Check out my following recommendations about Doha focussed Instagram Accounts, however, I’m still open to any more suggestions (please comment them below)! Recommended Hashtags to use in the caption of your own photos or videos are #VisitQatar #VisitDoha #Qatar #Doha #ILoveQatar #QatarFood #thepearlqatar #thepearlqatarmoments

Instagram Accounts with a focus on Doha and Qatar that you should follow before your Trip to Doha


VisitQatar is the official Instagram Account by Qatar. By either tagging the Account or using the Hashtag #VisitQatar you give them permission to re-share what you captured on their Account with currently 100,000 followers. I really appreciate that their photo captions are always in Arabic and English, ideal for everyone to understand.


The Torch is Qatar’s tallest and most iconic 5-Star Hotel.


Definitely, a must for tourists in Doha/Qatar is the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA). The Museum Opening Times are Saturday to Thursday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm & Friday 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm with the last admission 30 minutes before closing and the admission is free.


iLoveQatar is an unofficial Account showcasing the Life and Adventures of a Qatari Citizen, mainly Mr.Q, Khalifa Saleh Al Haroon. Besides this Instagram Channel, they also run a very informative YouTube Channel, also called iLoveQatar. Their hashtag is, how could it be different, #iLoveQatar.


The official Instagram Account of the Hamad International Airport in Doha keeps you updated on what’s currently going on, but also what to do to kill your time during a layover. Their Airport code and hashtag is #HIA.


Newly opened in November 2017 the National Library is a place for education, with a designated children library, event spaces, study rooms and most importantly a Heritage Library. #WelcomeToQNL


What’s going on at Mall of Qatar, all the new shops, restaurants and attractions, this and more can be found on the official Instagram Account by the mall.


The Pearl Qatar is an outstanding and innovative urban development in Doha. Share pictures with their own Hashtags #thepearlqatar and #thepearlqatarmoments


Kim Wyatt aka Mama Baba Ganoush is a Doha based Food writer and editor & photographer, showcasing her work and life in Qatar.

Restaurants in Doha with Instagram Accounts

What better way to chose a Restaurant in Qatar by simply checking them out on Instagram. You can see both the Pictures they post, and the ones published by everyone else. The following pictures will make your mouth water, promised…

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