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KLM Flight Review Amsterdam to Zurich – Trip Report

KLM Flight Review Amsterdam to Zurich

When flying from Amsterdam to Zurich what Airline will you prefer? Exactly, of course KLM, the Royal Dutch Airlines. This now is my first, of hopefully many more, KLM Flight Review. KLM was founded 1919 in the Netherlands and is the oldest Airline still operating under its original name. But besides this long tradition and heritage, what’s also special for KLM? 

Why fly KLM are some of the reason why KLM is different to other Airlines, and can be found right when visiting their Website. They do not charge any booking fees when booking directly on their Site, they are very punctual and have the best Crew and, they have a 24/7 Social Media Support if you have any questions or needs. But these are just a view advantages. The one on the Paper, how are they in real Life?

My Flight Experience from Amsterdam to Zurich started not at the Airport Amsterdam Schipol, it started with the Online Check-In on my Smartphone. I haven’t installed their App and everything worked well in my browser. Within minutes I’ve chosen my seat and issued the boarding pass, digital. What followed was very interesting, I received a detailed Information about my upcoming flight. The operating Aircraft, how many people fit it, how many Stewards and Purser are on Board, the Languages they Speak and the Service they offer. I was flying Economy Class with KLM from Amsterdam to Zurich and I already knew that I will receive a little snack, salty or sweet, and a drink. That’s a great service, do you know anything similar from other Airlines?

At the Amsterdam Schipol Airport I used the self-baggage drop-off for my checked bag and payed the 20€ fee right at the machine. I put the label on, as demonstrated, and the bag went off. Security lines weren’t that busy and I went through in just a few minutes. The flight to Zurich was absolutely on Time and boarding started early. Of course we, the guest, were greeted by the Stewardesses when entering the Plane. I really like this procedure, if they are attentive and friendly. On Board I already knew what awaited me, a Drink and a Snack, and so I could fully enjoy my Window Seat on this 1 hour KLM Flight from Amsterdam to Zurich-Kloten.

Flight Review: Amsterdam to Zurich with KLM

I absolutely enjoyed my Flight with KLM from the Netherlands to Switzerland and will fly with them again as soon as I find some good deals for Prices.

Have you ever had a flight with KLM? How did you like it?

Pictures of my Amsterdam – Zurich KLM Flight

Self-Service baggage drop-off
Self-Service baggage drop-off
Kiss & Goodbye at Amsterdam Schipol
Kiss & Goodbye at Amsterdam Schipol
On board snacks from AMS to ZRH
On board snacks

KLM Flight Review Amsterdam to Zurich


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