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Ruff’s Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

by european travelblogger Lisa


Ruff’s Burger in Munich is situated just a few meters away from Marienplatz, at Rindermarkt. Ruff’s Burger is a small chain in Munich with just two locations. A bigger Restaurant at Occamstrasse and the smaller takeout Restaurant with around 10 places to sit. Some say their Burgers are not innovative, others say you get one of the best burgers in Munich at Ruff’s Burger. With no further hesitation, I needed to try their Vegetarian Burger by myself!

When I went to Ruff’s Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt at around 3 pm I was astonished, their small restaurant was almost full! As I already checked their menu online (It’s German only) I knew what I wanted: a vegetarian Veggie Burger, without the Tomatoes, in a Menu with small fries and a Pepsi Coke for 8,90€ in total. The Burger took about five minutes, absolutely okay for a fresh burger. If you can remember the Veggie Burger McDonalds offered some Years ago, the Burger Patty tasted almost the same. And I used to love this Burger so much… So that’s really a good thing about the Veggie Burger by Ruff’s Burger in Munich. The Lime Mayonnaise and the Burger Sauce were good as well, but, the Patty was Fried in Oil and it still contained so much Oil, it was running all over my hands. The Veggie Patty was just too fat and fatty. What’s quite sad… Another thing I personally didn’t like that much was that the Bun was just so big, I almost couldn’t bite into my Burger.

All in all the Veggie Burger Menu was really good, but, in case I’m eating there again I will ask for a smaller bun and a Veggie Patty that’s not soaked in Oil. The next time I will definitely come back in Summer and sit outside on their benches and enjoy Munich’s Streetlife.

Address Ruff’s Burger Munich in the City Center

Rindermarkt 6
80331 Munich
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:30 am – 10:00 pm, Sunday: 10:30 am – 9:00 pm

Veggie Burger Menu at Ruff's Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

Veggie Burger Menu with small fries, 0,33l Pepsi Cola and Burger Sauce

Veggie Burger at Ruff's Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

Veggie Burger at Ruff’s Burger in Munich at Rindermarkt

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