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KOUN – best Ice-Cream in Bratislava, Slovakia

KOUN offers the best ice-cream in Bratislava, no wonder you have to wait in a queue to buy it. KOUN Gelato is located in the city centre of the Slovakian Capital, but so easy to walk by without noticing. The store can be found in an inner courtyard next to the lively street Panská with many other Restaurants and Shops. If you find a Line of waiting for people you can be sure you’re at the right destination.

With small scoops starting at just 1.20 € the Italian Gelato ice-cream by KOUN is absolutely worth it, and a great deal as well. Outside the small store, you can find a few possibilities to sit, and directly enjoy your dessert. Inside the interior is very cute, and there are seats as well. You can find more details by checking out the pictures below in this Article. There aren’t dozens of flavours available, like in other Gelaterias, they have just a few selected ones. Even though everything is written in Slovakian language the staff was very helpful and we could get along in English very well.

The KOUN Bratislava Ice-Cream was absolutely worth the 10 minute wait. My strawberry ice-cream was creamy, tastes fresh and was rich in flavour. No wonder it is ranked among one of the best ice-creams in Europe. I totally regretted only getting a small portion…
Soon more Tips on what to do in Bratislava, how to get there from Vienna and other Restaurants in Bratislava.

Address KOUN Bratislava

Panská 245/13
811 01 Bratislava-Staré Mesto

Opening Hours: Mon Closed, Tue – Thu 11 am to 7 pm, Fri to Sa 11 am to 8 pm, Sun 11 am to 7 pm

Waiting in Front of KOUN Bratislava in Panská 13
Waiting in Front of KOUN Bratislava in Panská 13
KOUN Bratislava JoyDellaVita
KOUN Bratislava
Strawberry Ice-Cream by KOUN Bratislava
Strawberry Ice-Cream by KOUN Bratislava

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