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What is the language spoken in Agadir, Morocco? Agadir is a beach resort town south of Marrakech, Casablanca, and Fes in Morocco. Due to its international popularity, mostly everything in Agadir is geared to tourists. Just a quick look at the departure signs at the airport give you a glimpse of where the majority of tourists in Agadir originate from – England, Switzerland, Germany and Scandinavian countries. But, how do you communicate in Agadir, Morocco? What’s the official language and will everyone understand English? I have concluded my own experience with language, and language barriers in Morocco below for you.

What languages are spoken in Agadir, Morocco?

Morocco is an Arabic country, in the northwest of the African continent. Therefore, Arabic is the primarily spoken language in Morocco. Due to the French influence, French is, too, spoken or at least widely understood. Now it’s getting interesting for us tourists not speaking any of the languages. Yet, there is still some hope 😉 Due to the proximity to Spain, Spanish is also often a language that is at least understood. You can’t expect everyone to speak Spanish, but understanding basic words have worked surprisingly well for me. However, I have had the same (or even better) experience with English. At the airport and hotel, English has been my major language to communicate, with no problems. And even at the market, haggling for the lowest price has worked well in English.
It definitely depends where in Marocco you are, but in Agadir, even the most sparse basics of the following languages should work for you well: Arabic, French, Spanish & English. In this course you might be interested in my experience with language learning podcasts, for example French.

Have you ever been to Morocco? What has been your experience with language, or language barriers? Let me know in the comments below!



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