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How to learn basic French online for free in no time for your next holiday

Learning a language is hard, you say? Well, it definitely depends. Just remembering back to language courses in school, everything was just so complicated. Learning all the vocabulary, later some first sentences and all the grammar and all writing and at some point talking. I guess most teachers teach the same way. Luckily we are in the 21st century, with free language courses literally in our jeans pockets. Did you know that there are free language courses available at Spotify? Yes, you have read this correct, language courses on the same app you use for your daily dose of newest music, or the best party hits, etc etc.

Right in time for my most recent trip to the south of France, I wanted to learn some basic french sentences. Especially to have at least a few words ready for when someone doesn’t speak English, and I want to still be able to tell this person what I want (a table by the window, or where I can find the platform for my train and so on). Just some basics to be able to communicate, and not be stranded in a foreign country without anyone understand what I’m trying to say 😉 Not that France is a country where you absolutely need to speak French (well, in Paris maybe…), but overall I just think it’s a little nicer to at least be able for tiny small talks, as it also shows appreciation for a language and especially culture.

For the free online course “Coffee Break French” on Spotify you don’t even need to have a paid Spotify account, you can listen to the courses with any free account. The idea behind this Coffee Break language course is that they are short, but efficiency. Most episodes last around 20 minutes, some 17 or some 22, super suitable for your lunch break at work or a quick session in the afternoon. During your coffee break 😉 To enhance the learning process I’d recommend to write the learnt vocabulary down. I don’t know about you, but to definitely learn and keep something, I need to write it down on paper, to remember it more easily. But, do how you prefer to do it. That’s the nice thing about this free online French language course. You can skip a few lessons you’re not interested in, you can only listen to them, you can write everything down and only repeat it written and not verbal… as it’s not a strict paid course, you are absolutely free. Which I really like 🙂

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