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How to get the Liechtenstein Stamp in your Passport

Does any of your friends have a Liechtenstein Passport stamp? Collecting stamps in a passport is a high priority for many travellers. But, it’s rare to get passport stamps in Europe. Thanks to Schengen there aren’t even passport controls after crossing borders, luckily. To have a very special souvenir of your Trip to the small Country of Liechtenstein, you can get a Souvenir Stamp in your Passport! It’s no official stamp, but it’s from Liechtenstein with the date of your visit.

Address: Where to get the Liechtenstein Passport Stamp

Städtle 39
9490 Vaduz



  1. Cory Spiegelman

    At the center of who you are you have the understanding; you comprehend your divinity and you understand what you want.

  2. Touche. Keep up the good spirit.

  3. Elvis Liechtenstein

    Thnak you!

  4. Liechtenstein was actually the first stamp I ever got in my passport. For some reason I didn’t get stamped on arrival into Germany, so I was super excited to get one in Liechtenstein. I’ve been asked about that stamp by a lot of immigration officials though because they’ve never seen one before |

  5. That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love collecting stamps in my passport thanks for sharing, girl!

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