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How autonomous vehicles will affect Travel (positively)

Have you ever thought about autonomous driving? Not really? But did you know autonomous vehicles can save lives?! If you are just driving to get from A to B, or use Taxi-Services to get from A to B, you might not think about it too much. About all the future of mobility, new forms of transportation and I bet you have also never heard about the (famous) ‘last mile’. All this has been around for years now, but all talking and nothing from any substance. Now finally the time has come, an era of new urban mobility and transportation. Autonomous Vehicles will play a big role, so below now a bit of an Overview of what’s to come and what I am eagerly waiting for.

Autonomous Vehicles in urban areas

So, just imagine there is a ‘rolling box’ where you can safely store all your belongings, like your heavy backpack or suitcase. While you go exploring in a City, enjoying life and having a blast, you can tell the ‘rolling box’ where it has to be at what time. Completely operated via your smartphone app. Oh, you forgot your purse inside, but don’t want to walk back where you last met the ‘machine’? No worries, it will meet you where you want it to. Maybe the electric vehicle will rest in a storage hall while being charged until it has to meet you again at 6 pm at the Train Station. In the very near future, public transport in metropolitan areas, will be electric, intelligent and also with more privacy and more individual routes.

Vision Zero Vehicle by ZF Friedrichshafen

For the past few years already ZF Friedrichshafen, an Automotive supplier from southern Germany at Lake Constance has built a new concept car every year. In 2017 it’s the ‘Vision Zero Vehicle’, following the companies principles of Vision Zero. Vision Zero for ZF means Zero Emission but also Zero Accidents, and therefore zero victims of death by accidents. This might sound a bit far fetched, as of right now, but this is definitely what they are working for. As an automotive supplier, ZF produces all the components carmakers such as Audi, Ford, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and more are using in their cars. Basically, everyone will benefit from the research and development ZF is making.

ZF Vision Zero Vehicle 2017 JoyDellaVita
such huge displays will become normality in ‘future vehicles’
ZF Vision Zero Vehicle 2017 JoyDellaVita
ZF Vision Zero Vehicle 2017

ZF Friedrichshafen invited me to their Global Press Event, where I got to experience their new inventions. This did not affect my opinion.

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