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Lunch at famous Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg

by european travelblogger Lisa


The weirdest restaurant in Hamburg is the Oberhafenkantine. Not only because of an original interior or eccentric staff, no, the entire building is in an inclined position. To locate at the outer end of Hafencity, in the Stockmeyerstraße under the Oberhafen bridge, the building has already undergone significant events in the past. First built in 1925 as a place to provide the local workers with food and soft drinks, today a cosy spot for regular guests.

Fortunately for vegetarians, there is a good selection of meat-free dishes at Oberhafen Kantine Restaurant. From the appetizers selection, I opted for an Oberhafen-Knusperfladen with pear slices, goat cheese (& walnuts according to the menu), for a price of 9.50 €. Of course, it’s just a starter, but for the price, I would have expected a bit more. The crunchy flatbread was really crispy, with a delicious topping of thin pear slices and sheep’s cheese with carrot rasps. A great combination, especially on one of those last summer days. As an alternative, I can highly recommend this Restaurant with Pink Pizza in Hamburg.

Address: Stockmeyerstraße 39, 20457 Hamburg. Germany

Knusperfladen Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg Lunch

Knusperfladen Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg Lunch

Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg

Oberhafen Kantine Hamburg

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