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Lunch in Chinatown Adelaide

As an enthusiast of Asian Food, it was a pure Joy to have Lunch in Chinatown Adelaide. An extended Street that speed-travels you right to buzzing China, or how you’d imagine it without having ever been to China. Hungry after a stroll around Adelaide Central Market I happened to just walk over to Chinatown Adelaide, from rather gourmet shops to Sushi and anything fried. From Gouger Street, you enter the small shopping street through a classical Chinese-style Pailou. Chinatown in Adelaide is actually just a long street, with lots of shops and restaurants. Mainly restaurants, and cafes.

The Adelaide Chinatown, or Moonta Street Chinatown, is connected directly to the larger Adelaide Central Market by a side entrance/exit, which also houses a large car park for 1000 vehicles. Also, all bus lines stop nearby. Overall, there are two Pailou, each one on one side of Gouger and Grote street. Adelaide Chinatown, however, offers not only Chinese products and Chinese dishes in Chinese restaurants but also Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Nepali, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. For the layman, however, this is all but one thing, ‘Chinese’. Since Australia is generally somewhat more expensive thanks to the Australian dollar, the inexpensive Asian dishes come just right. So I decided to have lunch at a buffet, in the Market Plaza Food Court. You could serve yourself with rice, noodles, fried meat, vegetarian spring rolls and various vegetables in sauces. And everything, that fits on one plate, for 7 AUD (approximately 5,45 €). A detailed overview of the restaurants can be found on the official website of Chinatown Market.
As Jet Leg was kicking in I was, unfortunately, a bit too tired to take hundreds of photos. Anyway, for more details you’re invited to check out the Location-Tag on Instagram here.

Address Chinatown Adelaide

Gouger Street / Grote Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Pictures of Chinatown Adelaide

Chinatown Adelaide Chinese Food Travelblog JoyDellaVita
Chinatown Adelaide
Buffet Lunch in Adelaide Chinatown
Buffet Lunch in Adelaide Chinatown
Pailou Arch / Entrance to Chinatown Adelaide from Grote Street
Pailou Arch / Entrance to Chinatown Adelaide from Grote Street

Chinatown Adelaide Chinese Food Travelblog JoyDellaVita


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