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Luxury sunday Brunch Breakfast at Roomers Baden-Baden

On weekends, you want to switch things up a bit. Staying in bed longer than usually, and enjoying a delicious first meal of the day in a relaxed atmosphere. When staying at a Hotel, that’s definitely what you are looking for, and what you are getting, with a luxury sunday brunch breakfast at Roomers Baden-Baden. With breakfast hours until noon on the weekends, hotel guests and external brunchers can enjoy an excellent breakfast. Having not enjoyed my first breakfast at Roomers Hotel Baden-Baden, I was once more amazed by their selection. It’s definitely the huge varied selection of foods and drinks that makes this luxury sunday brunch breakfast at Roomers Baden-Baden so special.

Sunday Brunch Breakfast until noon

Call it a brunch, or a breakfast, but it’s definitely not your ordinary grab & go breakfast situation at Roomers Hotel Baden-Baden. Sit down in comfortable chairs, observe the other chic clothed guests, decide what to order, place your hot drink order with the waiters and wait for it to eventually arrive. In the meantime, venture out to the long breakfast buffet. First we have the hot foods, with the best and crispiest bacon, but also sausages or even the fried mandu you get at Moriki Restaurant (maybe you even had them the evening before). My next stop has always been the little oriental area of the buffet, with hummus and cold sweet potato.

At this luxury sunday brunch breakfast at Roomers Baden-Baden I definitely always go all-in and try to pick something of everything. There are so many choices, just one big plate is not enough. Never enough, but it’s filling. Oh my. Everything tastes just too fresh and good, you can’t stop indulging. But at one point you have, as the breakfast buffet also offers a small sweet corner. One of those little apple muffins still fits, with a second cup of coffee, or two to be honest. A breakfast buffet with such varied offers, simply invites you to extend a simple breakfast into a brunch. Just sit and enjoy the delicious food, for hours.

Regarding drinks, the selection is also above average. Juices in dispensers, soft drinks in cans, specialty juices such as a green-ish ginger shot in bottles, Vodka, Ayran, or just still and sparkling water.

Fresh ‘n Yummy

When seated, guests also have a choice of a selection of, free of charge, additional hot and special dishes. Under the claim “Fresh ‘n Yummy” you can choose from Eggs, such as boiled, fried, scrambled, or eggs benedict and eggs florentine, followed by an avocado plate with half an avocado sliced up. You can also order something “sweet” such as waffles, pancakes or porridge, or something from the “porn” selection. This includes a farmers bread with avocado and one poached egg, and grilled artichoke sandwich or a ham and cheese sandwich roomers style.

For coffee, you can order espresso, espresso macchiato, espresso doppio, espresso doppio macchiato, american, cappuccino or latte macchiato. For Samova Tea, you have the selection from darjeeling, earl grey, fruit, jasmine, chamomile, herb or black.

All in all, I can definitely recommend the luxury sunday brunch breakfast at Roomers Baden-Baden, if you have time and want to indulge in a variety of foods. Also make sure to check out my other articles about Baden-Baden.

moriki Restaurant at Roomers Hotel Baden-Baden
Adress: Lange Str. 100, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 6:30 – 11 am, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday 7:00 am – noon

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