roman Cacio e Pepe in Palermo at Caligola

Cacio e Pepe in Palermo Caligola

The Romans in Palermo … oh well, that’s another story. But, Roman Food in Palermo, that’s a delicious interaction. At Caligula, I got to enjoy roman Cacio e Pepe in Palermo. This creamy, hearty pasta dish. So simple, yet it seems so complicated to prepare it… hence, I always order it once I find it on a Menu in a Restaurant. Or, go to a roman restaurant for a guarantee to find Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Amatriciana and more. Read below about my experience at their Restaurant, devouring Pasta in a weekday lunch atmosphere.

Enjoying Cacio e Pepe in Palermo

The menu for primi, the first dishes, reads easily at Caligola – Cucina Romana. You can find the three typical roman dishes, as well as more straightforward, but rather unknown, dishes such as Checca. Prices for Pasta start at 8 Euros. A bigger plate for “Pasta XXL” adds an additional 2,50 Euros. As the Italian dinner scheme is divided into “Firsts” and “Seconds”, the firsts Pasta dishes are usually a bit smaller to leave room for a usually protein-rich second dish. If you only want to enjoy one meal, I’d recommend opting for the bigger portion size. Or not, if testing traditional Sicilian sweets is on your agenda for afterwards 😉 Check out other recommendations for Restaurants in Palermo.

Right after opening at noon, I was the first guest to enter the Restaurant. They even seemed a bit irritated by me, as I showed up at the time they officially open. You’re hungry after lots of sightseeing and walking… Once settled at my table I got a menu to choose my meal. For sure, what’s even the menu for, I went for Cacio e Pepe in Palermo. After various fried street foods, I craved Pasta! Pasta in a cheese sauce, something “lighter” 😉
The Restaurant was slowly filling up until I eventually received my plate of fresh Spaghetto Cacio e Pepe. Overall, I did enjoy my Cacio e Pepe in Palermo, however, the ones in Rome are still a pinch better. The ones by Caligola have been a bit too dry for me. A little more sauce would have been ideal. However, they still tasted good and the Spaghetto itself tasted perfectly al dente.

Caligola – Cucina Romana
Address: Via Quintino Sella, 65, 90139 Palermo PA, Italy
Opening hours: Monday 7:30 – 10:45 pm Tuesday – Saturday 12:30 – 3 pm; 7:30 – 10:45 pm Sunday 12:30 – 3 pm
Website: caligolapalermo.it/

Cacio e Pepe in Palermo
Cacio e Pepe in Palermo

Cacio e Pepe in Palermo


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