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Mc Donalds Switzerland Price list / Menu

What are the prices for McDonalds Switzerland? How much do they charge for a classic Big Mac, how much for a McFlurry and how much for a Chicken McNuggets Menu? If you didn’t know yet, Switzerland is quite an expensive country. Located in central Europe, but not part of the EU, Switzerland still hangs on to their own currency, the Swiss Franc. Due to exchange rates, spending money in francs can be quite a disadvantage. You will soon realize why, after checking out the Mc Donalds Switzerland Price List and Menu down below. 15 bucks for a Burger Menu with Fries and Soda, yes, that’s usual… Nevertheless, they quite often offer local specialities, like Emmental Cheese on their Burgers, which should be tried and tasted. Also, they do offer a nice selection of four different Veggie Burgers, that’s also a Hit! For comparison, you might also want to check out the prices of McD Italy or worldwide McDonalds Foodie Reviews.

What are the Mc Donalds Switzerland Prices ? / Costs and Menu

the following Mc Donalds Switzerland Prices are each: single price/menu price

Beef Burger

Big Mac® 6.50 CHF / 11.70 CHF

Cheeseburger Royal 6.90 CHF / 12.40 CHF

Big Tasty Single 7.90 CHF / 12.80 CHF

Big Tasty Single Bacon 8.80 CHF / 13.70 CHF

Big Tasty Double 10.40 / 15.30 CHF

Big Tasty Double Bacon 11.30 CHF / 16.20 CHF

Double Cheeseburger 4.70 CHF / 8.90 CHF

Cheeseburger 2.70 CHF

Hamburger 2.50 CHF

Chicken Burger

Homestyle Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard 8.90 CHF / 13.40 CHF

Homestyle Crispy Chicken Tomato 8.90 CHF / 13.40 CHF

McChicken® 6.10 CHF / 11.50 CHF


Homestyle Honey Mustard Veggie 8.90 CHF

Homestyle Tomato Veggie 8.90 CHF / 14.70 CHF

McVeggie 6.10 CHF

Egg & Fish

Egg & Cheese McMuffin® 5.30 CHF

Bacon & Egg McMuffin® 4.40 CHF

Filet-O-Fish® 5.80 CHF / 8.90 CHF


Fries Mini 2.90 CHF

Fries Small 3.90 CHF

Fries Medium 4.20 CHF

Homestyle Crispy Chicken Tenders 6.10 CHF

Chicken Wings 6.20 CHF

4 Chicken McNuggets® 4.10 CHF

6 Chicken McNuggets® 6.50 CHF / 10.90 CHF

9 Chicken McNuggets® 8.30 CHF / 12.30 CHF

20 Chicken McNuggets® 16.30 CHF

Happy Meal

Happy Meal Chicken McNuggets® 7.20 CHF

Happy Meal Hamburger 7.20 CHF

Happy Meal Cheeseburger 7.20 CHF

Happy Meal Toy 1.50 CHF

Gluten free

Hamburger with gluten-free bread 2.50 CHF

Cheeseburger with gluten-free bread 2.70 CHF

Double cheeseburger with gluten-free bread 7.20 CHF

Happy Meal Hamburger with gluten free bread 7.20 CHF

Happy Meal Cheeseburger with gluten free bread 7.20 CHF


The Caesar Salad Crispy Chicken 9.90 CHF / 11.90 CHF

The Caesar Salad Grilled Chicken 9.90 CHF / 11.90 CHF

Caesar Salad Nature 7.90 CHF / 9.90 CHF

Caesar Salad Veggie 9.90 CHF

Small Green Salad 2.90 CHF

Carrots 2.00 CHF

Dressings & Dips

Caesar Dressing 0.60 CHF

Italian Balsamico Dressing 0.60 CHF

French Dressing 0.60 CHF

Pommes Frites Sauce 0.30 CHF

Ketchup 0.40 CHF

Barbecue Sauce 0.40 CHF

Sweet & Sour Sauce 0.40 CHF

Cocktail Sauce 0.40 CHF

Curry Sauce 0.40 CHF

Creamy Deluxe Potatoes Sauce 0.40 CHF

Mustard Sauce 0.40 CHF

Hot Devil Sauce 0.40 CHF

Hot Drinks

Ristretto 2.50 CHF

Espresso 2.50 CHF

Doppio Espresso 4.90 CHF

Café Crème 2.50 CHF / 3.90 CHF

Cappuccino 4.60 CHF / 4.90 CHF

Latte Macchiato 4.90 CHF

Coffee with Milk / “Schale” 4.10 CHF

Tee 3.80 CHF

Cold / Soft Drinks

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta Zero, Lipton Ice Tea Mini 0,25l 2.90 CHF

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta Zero, Lipton Ice Tea Small 0,4l 3.50 CHF

Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Sprite Zero, Fanta Zero, Lipton Ice Tea 0,5l 3.90 CHF

Henniez still / sparkling 0,33l 3.50 CHF

Henniez still / sparkling 0,5l 3.90 CHF

Orange Juice Tropicana 0,25l 3.30 CHF

Apple Spritz / Apfelschorle 0,33l 3.50 CHF

Red Bull 0,25l 3.50 CHF

Beer 5 CHF


Les Frappés Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocca 0,225l 3.90 CHF

Les Frappés Vanilla, Strawberry, Mocca 0,4l 4.90 CHF

McFlurry Ragusa 3.50 CHF

McFlurry M&M‘s 3.50 CHF

McFlurry Oreo 3.50 CHF

Mini Sundae 2 CHF

Sundae Caramel 3.50 CHF

Sundae Strawberry 3.50 CHF

Sundae Chocolate 3.70 CHF

Hot Fried Apple Pie 2 CHF

Fruit Puree 2 CHF

Donut Sugar 2.90 CHF

Donut with Nutella® 2.90 CHF

Mc Donalds Switzerland Price
McCafe Double Espresso with Panna in Lugano, Switzerland

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