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Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Sub tested at Subway Germany – Review

Subway in Germany now offers a Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Sub with Teriyaki Sauce marinated vegan strips. For an extra-vegan experience, the Sandwich Sub is topped with cheese-like vegan slices. Subway, the worldwide operating franchise giant, is known for their Sub’s, their sandwiches. Their success is simple, as everything is super customizable and therefore Subway offers something for everyone and every taste. First, you choose your preferred bread, Oat or Italian to name just a few of their selection. Now you choose if you want half a sub, which is 15 cm long, or a 30 cm foot-long sandwich bread. Now it’s up to decide on the main flavour and ingredient of your Subway Sandwich. If you only want Salad, you can order a Veggie Delite (with or without cheese), or you select their BBQ Rib, Tuna, Turkey & Ham, Salami, Philly Beef & Cheese or other ones. Choose one of three types of cheeses, if you want it toasted or untoasted, and now a whole salad bar selections await your order. Just some lettuce and red onions, or the whole shebang including corn and spinach leaves. Now one or multiple of their dozen-selection of sauces and your Subway Sub is ready to be eaten. And now, a vegan Subway Sub Sandwich!

Meat-free options at Subway Germany – Vegetarian & Vegan

First launched in the late summer of 2020, but very soon sold out, the third meat-free option is now as of early summer 2021 a constant item available at Subway Germany Restaurants. Besides the Veggie Delite, and Spicy Vegan Patty a third option is brand new at Subway, the Meatless Chicken Teriyaki. Since the launch of this Sub, there is now also a vegan cheese alternative available. Awesome! For sure I had to test this vegan sandwich out myself as soon as possible. However, the available information regarding this new Sub at Subway Germany is pretty low. The only information is on the product page on their website, stating not more than I have previously mentioned, vegan strips and vegan slices. If it’s soy-based or wheat/something else.. who knows. However, it’s meat-free, that’s at least a big reason to test the new Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Sub.

Tip: Subway Germany offers a Vegan “Sub of the Day” every Wednesday, currently it’s the Spicy Vegan Patty, for 2,99 Euro, for a 15 cm Sandwich! Will have to review this one for you soon as well, as well as the Nacho Box 😉


Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Subway Germany
Subway Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich

Subway Germany: Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Review

The base price of the new Meatless Chicken Teriyaki is 4,39 Euro for a 15 cm Sandwich. Included is one complimentary portion of a cheese of your choice, if you want double you will have to pay extra. For my first try, I went with Italian bread, of course, Meatless Chicken Teriyaki as the main thing, as well as the (non-vegan) shredded cheddar-mozzarella mix, as well as everything from the salad bar and BBQ sauce. I actually bought the sub for take-away, but couldn’t resist its delicious smell and had to eat it right away. This was a good decision, because, who wants to eat a cold pre-heated sandwich anyway.. especially with fake meat, you want/should eat it hot, not gone-coldThe Teriyaki marinated fake chicken by Subway tasted just like real Chicken (I guess…) and in combination with BBQ sauce, my meat-free sub sandwich had a great tangy flavourful taste. The amount of meatless chicken was just sufficient for my half sandwich and I will definitely order it again. Maybe Yoghurt or Lite Mayo will taste a bit more light than hearty, the next time – it’s summer anyway.
As a vegetarian for more than a decade now, I can definitely recommend the Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Subway Germany Sandwich. As well as the Nacho Box for 1,99 Euro! Before I have always had the Veggie Delite with double cheddar cheese and toasted, however, the vegan Teriyaki is now my new go-to order at Subway!

Subway Vegan Meatless Chicken Teriyaki Testbericht Blog Hyyperlic

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