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Summer 2021 Roadtrip Playlist

by european travelblogger Lisa


Music can definitely lift spirits, and change your mood. What else is needed for a perfect summer roadtrip, then the best travel companion(s), a great destination ahead, and the right music highlighting the moment? When at a new destination I like listening to local radio stations, to get a glimpse into what’s hot at the moment in this new country, but sometimes those charts just don’t fit your personal taste. In general I always prepare a certain playlist for a new roadtrip, also emphasizing the destination I’m about to drive to. Is it Italy, I make sure to add the obvious Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) to the mix, or classics such as Entre dos tierras by Héroes del Silencio when driving across Spain. Having a certain song on constant repeat during a roadtrip can definitely bring back memories even years later when hearing the same tune again.

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