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Menu on board Deutsche Bahn Trains in Germany (ICE Bordgastronomie / dining car)

What better way to enjoy a (long) train journey than indulging in the Food and Drink selection offered in your trains restaurant bord Bistrot area? Deutsche Bahn offers a wide range of varied options, whether hot or cold, savoury or sweet, for small or large appetites. If for early risers for breakfast, all day for lunch or in the evening for a nice meal with a glass of wine. Even the vegan options are definitely worth a try, definitely everyone should be pleased with the Food & Drinks options on ICE trains by Deutsche Bahn in Germany.
However, not every Bordrestaurant, on-board-ice-train-restaurant, might offer everything or will be sold out at some point. So make sure to already have an Option B if your preferred dish might already be sold out or temporarily not available. As there aren’t any other options to buy food or drinks if you are inside a train by Deutsche Bahn for possibly several hours at a time. Find below the current menu, including the month of October specials. Check out the following website for up-to-date offers and prices:

Deutsche Bahn ICE on-board catering / Bordrestaurant Menu & Prices

check out the latest blogpost

Check out the latest blogpost with the most current prices and offers: 2023 ICE Bordgastronomie / dining car Menu on board Deutsche Bahn Trains in Germany

Special offer October

Colourful gnocchi (vegan) with Mediterranean vegetables 8,90 EUR
Cream of mushroom soup (vegetarian) with bread roll 4,90 EUR
Combination offer: Meatballs of lamb with potato-carrot-pumpkin puree & Benedictine Hell 13,90 EUR

Also available separately:
Meatballs of lamb with potato-carrot-pumpkin puree 10,90 EUR
Benedictine Light 0,5 l bottle 3,90 EUR

Breakfast on board Deutsche Bahn ICE trains

Butter croissant (vegetarian) 1,90 EUR
French breakfast (vegetarian) – croissant, bread rolls, butter, Nutella, honey & jam 4,90 EUR
Classic breakfast – bread roll & butter with cold cuts Sausage or cold cuts Cheese each 5,40 EUR

Extras for breakfast
butter, honey, Nutella, jam (vegetarian) each 0,60 EUR
2 bread rolls (vegetarian) 1,20 EUR
Cold cuts sausage 2,60 EUR
Cold cuts cheese (vegetarian) 2,60 EUR
Scrambled eggs (organic) (vegetarian) 3,90 EUR
Grilled sausages 4,90 EUR

Snacks & small dishes

Tarte flambée Alsatian style 2,50 EUR
French fries (vegan) with ketchup or mayonnaise 2,90 EUR
Focaccia (vegan) oven fresh with tomato & olive 2,90 EUR
Pretzel snack with cream cheese and mustard spread, baked crusted roast & coleslaw 4,20 EUR
Wholemeal rye bread (vegetarian) topped with Maasdam cheese & coleslaw 3,90 EUR
Multigrain bread with baked chicken roast, pickled carrot strips & pumpkin chutney 3,90 EUR
Currywurst Curry sausage with tortilla crunch & bread roll 4,90 EUR
Warm ham and cheese baguette 4,90 EUR

Salads & Soup

Couscous salad (vegan) with cashew nuts & cranberries 6,90 EUR
Large leaf salad (vegan) with cherry tomatoes & seed mix 5,90 EUR
Big leaf salad (vegan) with falafel & corn 7,90 EUR
Large leaf salad (vegetarian) with cherry tomatoes & mozzarella 8,90 EUR (as pictured above, with the honey-mustard dressing and a hot coffee)

With a dressing of your choice: yoghurt, balsamic vinegar or honey-mustard

Tomato soup * (vegetarian) with bread rolls Promotion: 4,90 EUR

2 rolls (vegetarian) 1,20 EUR
Focaccia (vegan) oven fresh with tomato & olive 2,90 EUR
Warm chicken breast cubes 3,00 EUR

*Special price – Offer valid until 31.10.2020

Main courses

Currywurst Curry sausage with french fries 6,90 EUR
Fusilli (organic) (vegetarian) with tomato-feta sauce Promotion: 7,90 EUR
with Bolognese Promotion: 8,90 EUR
Vegetable curry (vegan) with coconut rice 9,90 EUR
New recipe Chili con carne of beef, with sour cream & roll 8,90 EUR
Homemade meatballs with herb potato salad 7,50 EUR
Hungarian style beef goulash with button 12,90 EUR

*Special price – Offer valid until 31.10.2020

Children’s menu

… with French fries (vegan) & ketchup or mayo 6,90 EUR
… with mini waffles, served with cherry compote, chocolate sauce or cinnamon & sugar 6,90 EUR
… with Pasta Bolognese 8,90 EUR

Sweets and chocolates

Apple crumble cake (vegetarian) 3,10 EUR
Brownie (vegetarian) “Salted Caramel” taste 3,40 EUR
Belgian mini waffles (vegetarian) with cinnamon & sugar 3,40 EUR
Milk rice (vegetarian) with cinnamon & sugar 3,90 EUR

Toppings for Belgian mini waffles & rice pudding: Cherry compote or chocolate sauce each + 1,70 EUR

Chocolate bars according to offer – Snickers Crisp or Twix Xtra each 1,50 EUR

Ice Nuii Salted Caramel 2,50 EUR
Milka hearts ice cream confection 2,30 EUR
M&M’s 150g 2,90 EUR
BE-KIND (vegetarian) bar nut & sea salt with dark chocolate, 40 g 1,90 EUR
OREO Snack Pack 66g 1,90 EUR
ültje peanuts (vegan) spicy spiced, 50 g 1,50 EUR
Lisa’s kettle chips (organic) (vegan) rosemary, 40 g 1,90 EUR

Hot drinks

Fairtrade® – coffee, tea and cocoa in our hot drinks are Fairtrade certified.
Coffee S 3,00 EUR
Coffee M 3,30 EUR
Coffee L 3,50 EUR
Soluble coffee, decaffeinated S 3,00 EUR

Café Crème / Cappuccino S EUR 3.20
Café Crème / Cappuccino M 3,50 EUR
Café Crème / Cappuccino L 3,70 EUR

Café au Lait / Latte Macchiato S EUR 3.40
Café au Lait / Latte Macchiato M 3,70 EUR
Café au Lait / Latte Macchiato L 3,90 EUR

Espresso S 2,50 EUR
Espresso M 3,00 EUR

Espresso Macchiato S 2,80 EUR
Espresso Macchiato M 3,30 EUR
Espresso Macchiato L 3,80 EUR

Extra shot of espresso + 0,50 EUR

Hot chocolate M 3,50 EUR

Tea S 3,20 EUR
Tea L 3,70 EUR

We have these teas on offer for you:

  • Earl Grey Tea (organic) Black tea blend with bergamot and lime taste
  • English Breakfast (organic) Black tea A traditional leaf mixture from Assam and South India
  • Green tea Jingshen (organic) Green tea with a fine tart taste
  • Fruits Nature, Fruit Tea (organic) Natural fruit mixture with a pleasant full-bodied taste
  • Spearmint Mild, fine spearmint with cool, fresh taste

Cold drinks offered by Deutsche Bahn

Non-alcoholic beverages

share mineral water sparkling or still, 0,5 l bottle each 3,00 EUR
Adelholzener apple spritzer 0,5 l bottle 3,10 EUR
Coca-Cola or Coca-Cola Zero 0,5 l bottle 3,00 EUR
Provisions Rhubarb lemonade (organic) natural cloudy, 0,33 l bottle 3,20 EUR
Rauch orange juice 0,2 l bottle 2,90 EUR


Bitburger Premium Pils 0.3 l glass of draught beer 3.20 EUR
Bitburger Premium Pils 0,5 l glass of draught 3,80 EUR
Bitburger Premium Pils, Radler or 0,0 % non-alcoholic Pils 0,33 l bottle 3,20 EUR
Erdinger Weißbier light or non-alcoholic 0,5 l bottle 4,00 EUR

Wine & Sparkling wine

New 2019 Pinot Gris dry, Juwel wines, Rheinhessen, 0,25 l bottle 6,90 EUR
New 2019 One-Two-Dry Riesling dry, Winery Leitz, Rheingau, 0,25 l bottle 7,50 EUR
New 2019 Rosé Spies semi-dry, Winery Spies, Rheinhessen, 0,25 l bottle 6,50 EUR
New 2018 Red and Game – Red wine cuvée dry, Christian Hirsch, Württemberg, 0,25 l bottle 7,90 EUR

Rotkäppchen Sekt Tradition Cuvée, dry, 0,2 l bottle 5,90 EUR

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