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Review: Fjällräven Kanken Sling small travel bag

A petite Kånken for everyday life. The new Fjällräven Kånken Sling shoulder bag has the potential to become an everyday companion or an ideal travel partner. But what is the experience with the miniature version of the popular Kånken backpack like? Even with the smallest external dimensions, the Kånken Sling with its 2.5 L volume proves to be a spacious miracle. However, a limited space saver. Whether as a shoulder bag or slung across the shoulder, whether carried on the front, back or side, with the new Fjällräven Kånken Sling you always have your most important belongings at hand (a tip from how to create the ultimate travel pack – always have your most important documents and belongings at hand). I have been using the sling for about a week now, following below my first experience report.

Experience report/review: Fjällräven Kånken Sling shoulder bag

The Kanken Sling by nordic brand Fjallraven is one of the latest additions to the product line of the popular brand. After the most famous backpack, the versatile Kanken, Fjallraven has been launching more and more up until now foreign products to the range. Besides fanny packs in various designs, now a Kanken Sling shoulder bag. The height of this small bag is 20 cm, with a width of 15 cm and a depth of 8 cm. As the Kanken Sling is, as the original Kanken backpack, made out of hard-wearing vinylon, it’s definitely a durable piece of baggage and definitely well forgiving if you want to cram more volumonous pieces into this small shoulder bag. The Kånken Sling features only one main compartment with a wide zipper – just like the Kanken backpack. Additionally, there is a zipped pocket on the back of the bag for quick access of things like your smartphone or wallet, as well as two small horizontal pockets on each side of the bag plus a tiny zippered one in front (for your airpods, at least). The shoulder strap is definitely well long enough and can be well adjusted, further to two short handles on the top of the small kanken bag. Just like the original one, this one too has a name tag inside, and is, too, waterproof and durable. As the material is quite fogriving, you usually won’t need to completely wash the bag (may it be a regular Kanken or the Kanken sling), just soft brush it if needed or clean it with a cloth and lukewarm water. The recommended retail price is 69,95€ for the Fjällräven Kanken Sling.

The colour 160 ochre of my Fjällräven Kånken Sling really is not the most beautiful colour in the world. Nevertheless, the colour stands out and goes well with black, blue, red, light and dark clothes. In this case, a bag in blue would be much more difficult to pair with certain colours of your outfit, if you are concerned about something like that.

Can you use the Kanken Sling as a daily bag or for as a day-trip bag for traveling?

All in all, I can definitely recommend the Fjällräven Kånken Sling if it serves your personal needs. It definitely is small, which definitely has its benefits, but personally for me its a tad bit too small. For example, it doesnt fit my iPad Mini, nor does it not fit a standard 0,5L bottle (0,33 L fit, maximum). However, if you are looking for a small day bag for travelling, and you are only carrying a pair of (sun)glasses, a wallet, a phone and a small point-and-shoot camera with you, this small bag is succifient. But otherwise, unfortunately rather not.

If you are looking for something a bit bigger, and from cult-brand Fjallraven, I can recommend the Kanken Mini. Actually a “kids” backpack this one does fit 0,5 L bottles of water, a thin rain coat, a regular sized DSLR camera and a few more things. Plus, it’s smaller than a regular Kanken backbag, however, the shoulder straps are, as it’s actually for kids, shorter than you are used to from a regular Kanken. You might want to check out your local store to try the Kanken Mini out before buying it blindly online, and regretting it afterwards as it might be too small.

Find right here below the Kanken Sling in Ochre (yes, this “yellow” advertised colour turns out in a rather brownish orange-yellow tone, definitely not bright yellow!), as well as a few more colourful options after.

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and here the Kanken Mini Backpack


Pictures: Fjällräven Kånken Sling in 160 Ochre (brown / yellow)

a look inside the 2.5 L small Kanken Sling bag
a look inside the 2.5 L small Kanken Sling bag
inside a fully packed fjallraven Kanken sling - 0,33 L bottle, smartphone and 7 inch fire tab
inside a fully packed fjallraven Kanken sling – 0,33 L bottle, iPhone 7 smartphone and 7 inch fire tab
the backside of the fjallraven kanken sling with the small handles
the backside of the fjallraven kanken sling with the small handles
adjustable strap fjallraven kanken sling review ochre brown yellow blog joydellavita
adjustable strap
small front pocket of the fjallraven kanken sling
small front pocket

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