UberPool experience Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport City Centre travelblog

Arriving to a foreign City, almost in the middle of the night, all you want to do is get as soon as possible from the Airport to your Hotel. You’re probably tired, the airport is very silent as no-one else is around, indeed, you just want to leave. Luckily I got the Uber App on my smartphone, to order a driver just the minute I needed him. One of my favorite ways of transportation in foreign cities. In theory, you can pre-order a drive with Uber. Uber, if you’re not too familiar with the company, is operating a smartphone app. Through this App Uber connects drivers, regular people with a car, and people that want to be transported from A to B. Payment is only made via App, you can use geo location to send an exact address to the driver and via the App you can also find out more about the journey such as arrival time. Of course you can also see the rating of the driver, 5 is the positive maximum. So yeah, you can either tap the Button to order a ride just in the second you need a car, or pre-order a ride for a certain time frame at a certain day. For example, you have a meeting at 3 pm and want to be on time and make sure you definitely have a ride, in this case it’s nice to have this kind of option. But, landing and arriving to an Airport is often not always on time, therefore I’d recommend to not pre-order a ride. This has also one big reason: uber cars are not allowed to park, drop-off/pick-up, anywhere at busy places such as airports or big train stations. There are designated places, often not close to regular taxi stands. Out of reasons.

Arriving to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, the first thing I did was opening up my uber App to check the availability of the cars. Depending on the time and if any big events are taking place, there might be less cars around than usual. Sometimes this can also result in a peak in prices, but I have personally experienced this only once so far. There were some cars available, therefore I made sure to position myself at the right pickup area, and ordered an uber once I arrived there. The only official uber pickup at Charles de Gaulle Airport is shown in the picture above.

Pictures: My Uber Pool experience in Paris – Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport to City Centre at night

UberPool experience Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport City Centre travelblog
Using UberPool in Paris – my samsung phone messed this picture up, the car wasn’t moving ūüėČ
Uber App Screenshot UberPool experience Paris Charles de Gaulle CDG Airport City Centre travelblog
Uber App Screenshot

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