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WizzAir is a Hungarian based airline, operating in the low-cost segment. Therefore, as a passenger, you are not granted and drinks or snacks during the flight. On the other hand, you have probably only paid 10€ for your flight anyway, so it should be obvious any service on board is for an extra fee. Below you can find an overview of what’s currently offered onboard WizzAir flights, but only for food and drinks, I have excluded the duty-free options. If you are interested in those, you should check out this pdf document provided online by WizzAir.
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WizzAir Café in-flight menu – food and beverages price list

Snacks & Food


Classic Baguette 4 Euro

Premium Ciabatta 5,50 Euro

Sandwich Deals: sandwich from above + add a cold/hot drink +2,50 Euro or a beer/wine +4,50/5 Euro = get a free snack! (value up to 1,50 Euro)

Light meals

Tapas Box 6 Euro

Pasta Bolognese (with soy protein) 4 Euro

Noodle soup (chicken flavoured) 3 Euro

Cheese cream soup 3 Euro

Tomato soup 3 Euro

Sweet Deal: Choose a chocolate croissant or wafer rolls + add a coffee/tea = 4/5 Euro (save 1 Euro)

International Delicacies

Caprice wafer rolls 3,50 Euro

Pinkfinch apple crisps 3 Euro

Mild pepperoni snack 3 Euro

Elephant pretzels 2,50 Euro

Stroopwafel caramel wafer 1,50 Euro

Twiggy muesli bar 0,50 Euro


Pringles (sour cream & onion or original) 3 Euro

Chocolate croissant 2,50 Euro

Bake rolls (pizza) 2,50 Euro

Honey peanuts 2 Euro

Kit Kat 1,50 Euro

Snickers 1,50 Euro

Salted crunchy peanuts 1,50 Euro


Bar Deals

Cocktail Deal: Choose a spirit (Vodka, Whisky, Gin) + Add a soft drink/juice = 7/8 Euro (save 1.50 Euro)

Maxi Deal: Choose two red/white wines or beers + Add pepperoni/pringles/wafer rolls = 10/11.50 Euro (save 2 Euro)

Combo Deal: choose a spirit + add a beer = 8 Euro (save 2,50 Euro)

Hot Drinks

Cappuccino 3 Euro

Apple and ginger tea 3 Euro

Nescafe premium coffee 3 Euro

Coffee 2,50 Euro

Tea (English breakfast/jasmine green/strawberry) 2,50 Euro

Cold Drinks

Red Bull (25cl) 4 Euro

Juice (33cl) orange/apple 3 Euro

San Pellegrino (33cl) orange 3,50 Euro

Lipton ice tea (33cl) lemon 2,50 Euro

Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Schweppes (33cl) 2,50 Euro

Mineral water (50cl) still/sparkling 2,50 Euro

Alcoholic Drinks

Spirits (5cl) (Absolut vodka/Ballantine’s whisky/Beefeater gin) 6 Euro

Quality wines (18.7cl) red/white 5 Euro

Beer (33cl) 4,50 Euro

How to pay for WizzCafe onboard your flight

On-Board WizzAir flights, for WizzCafe you can either pay in Euros, British Pounds (notes only), as well as Hungarian Forint on Hungarian flights and Zloty on Polish flights.

Return change will be given in Euros unless the local currency is available. 

Besides cash, WizzCafe accepts Credit Cards, but only Visa and MasterCard.


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