New Series: Recipes from around the world
Recipes from around the world

New Series: Recipes from around the world

As Food is a big part during Travels, to me, I want to introduce a new series: Recipes from around the world. What is a typical local food? What should you definitely try when visiting a foreign country, and what can you cook at home? These Recipes for Meals from around the world should inspire you to eat and taste different countries and cultures and give you a closer insight into living in another country.

As I’m not living everywhere, but YOU do, please: Share a traditional Recipe of your Country

Grant us an insight into your saucepan! What meal is typical for your Country? Or have you learned a good recipe along with your travels?

If you are willing to write a Guest Post (I’ll for sure link back to your Blog, if you have one!) and share the recipe about Meals from around the world (incl. 1 image) I’m thrilled to hear about and publish it. Let’s get in touch and contact me.

I’ve planned to publish one recipe about every second week, so two per month and about 24 per year. Don’t hesitate if you don’t have a recipe now, I’m happy to hear from you in the future! It doesn’t matter if it’s a vegan or whole-meat dish, as long as it’s typical for your Country or Region!

Recipes from around the world
Recipes from around the world

Recent Recipes from around the world

August 14th 2015 – Allgäu Kässpätzle – German Recipe
September 11th 2015 –
September 25th 2015 –
October 9th 2015 –
October 23rd 2015 –
November 6th 2015 –
November 20th 2015 –
December 4th 2015 – (Christmas meal anyone?)
December 18th 2015 – (Christmas meal anyone?)
January 1st 2016 – (New Year’s meal anyone?)
January 15th 2016 –
January 29th 2016 –
February 12th 2016 –
February 26th 2016 –
March 11th 2016 – (special Easter meal anyone?)
March 25th 2016 –
April 8th 2016 –
April 22nd 2016 –
May 6th 2016 –
May 20th 2016 –
June 3rd 2016 –
June 17th 2016 –
July 1st 2016 –
July 15th 2016 –



  1. Wow!.. That looks delicious!.. 🙂
    It is also a great idea..

    Good vibes, Fox
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  2. Such a good idea, personally I really like our so called ‘boerenkool met worst’, which is basically kale with mashed potato and a sausage on top. I know it sounds disgusting but it is a meal that we eat very often here during the cold winter months and it is really good. I had some friends from abroad visiting me (mexican, brasilian and a korean) and they all loved it haha.

  3. Aimee Bustillo

    Love this! it such an awesome idea 🙂

  4. oh yummy that makes me hungry

  5. I love it. Yummy


  6. Wow!!! Beautiful idea…my partner is a good chef (at home) !!!!
    I’m Eni, blogger from Italy….If you want, take a look at my blog and let me know what you think. Kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  7. What a wonderful idea! I will definitely participate! 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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  9. I love your recipe. Kiss kiss from France ♥, Sand.

  10. Great idea! Cant wait to see the lineup!
    I blog here:

  11. What a wonderful idea for a series. I’ll put some thought into this and see if I can come up with anything worthy of being featured on your blog! Might have a good idea for Christmas… 🙂


  12. Nice series. Will look forward to nice recipe.

  13. Very good idea 🙂 I’m Polish and I might have some recipe :))))

    I invite you to check out my trip to TOKYO 🙂

  14. I’ll ask my grandma for a recipe 🙂

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