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Nutella Crepe at Gelateria Luca in Riccione

Nutella Crepe by Gelateria Luca in Riccione

by european travelblogger Lisa


Gelateria Luca in Riccione was my so-called Savior at the last second. As all (I really mean: ALL) other Restaurants in Riccione, Italy, were closed at 3pm, and there was no other possibility to get something to eat, the Ice Cream Parlor next to the Church came so suitable. Besides regular Gelato, really good Italian gelato, they offer small deserts, Popsicle with Fresh Fruit, Biscotti Digestive ripieni di Gelato (Digestive biscuits stuffed with Ice Cream) as well as Waffles and Crepes.

To feed my hunger, and as Nutella is advertised all over in Italy that made me crave it, I went for a Nutella Crepe. Besides a filling with Nutella you can order your Crepe with white chocolate, Jam, Nutella and Pine nuts, Nutella and coconut, Nutella and hazelnut Grain, Nutella and Grand Marnier as well as Nutella and Baileys.
After ordering it took about one minute (okay, maybe two or three) and I was holding a hot Nutella Crepe by Gelateria Luca in Riccione in my hands. It was a big advantage to have it pre-cut, I think I never had it like this, so I could easily eat it with a fork. The taste was really delicious, maybe because I was starving so hard, but it was really good and I’ll ever come back to have another Crepe or one of their small desserts or ice-cream filled biscotti. Check out their Instagram Page for an insight into their product range.
Gelateria Luca in Riccione is not far from the beach of Riccione and in one of the main shopping streets, so it’s easy to reach by foot.

Address Gelateria Luca in Riccione

Viale Dante 246
Opening Hours: 12pm to 12am

Pictures of Gelateria Luca in Riccione

Gelateria Luca in Riccione, Viale Dante 246

Gelateria Luca in Riccione, Viale Dante 246

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