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Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta, northern Norway

There is an impressive church in the city of Alta, which has a population of just around 20,000. The Northern Lights Cathedral was officially opened in early 2013 after four years of construction. A unique sacral building with a 47-meter high tower to commemorate Alta as the official city of the Northern Lights. That is why the building is officially called the Northern Lights Cathedral – Alta Church. The Northern Lights Cathedral is far from the only church, but it is the youngest. The oldest churches include the Kåfjord Church in the district of the same name dating back to 1837 and the Alta Church from 1858.

On the outside a building made of concrete covered with titanium plates, on the inside also concrete and many details made of wood, as well as light. Warm soft light, which is so rare in northern Norway. There is space for 350 people inside the church. On a trip to the Nordkapp you should definitely pay a visit to the Northern Lights Cathedral – Alta Church, if only a short one. Take in the unique atmosphere of the church, and continue your travels to the northernmost point of central Europe.

Address Nordlyskatedralen / Northern Lights Cathedral: Markedsgata 30, 9510 Alta, Norway
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outside Northern Lights Cathedral in Alta northern Norway

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