Taking an ÖBB REX Train from Lindau to Bregenz (from Germany to Austria)

With a travel time of just some short 12 minutes, the REX RegionalExpress Train by Austrian federal railways ÖBB connects Lindau in Bavarian Germany with Bregenz in Vorarlberg / Austria. In between those both “bigger cities” at Lake Constance, there are two other stops, Lochau-Hörbranz as well as Bregenz Harbour, both in Austria.

The low-floor vehicle features only a 2nd class, however, during my round trip, everything has always been clean and, fortunately, never overly crowded with passengers. The REX regional express doesn’t only commute between Lindau and Bregenz, but also serves other cities in Vorarlberg as far as Bludenz, with stops in Feldkirch and other towns and villages. The fare for the train journey from Lindau to Bregenz, or Bregenz to Lindau, is € 5.20 per adult person per journey. Payable either directly at the station, via a ticket vending machine, or mobile via a smartphone app (I’d recommend DB Bahn by Deutsche Bahn).

The ÖBB REX RegionalExpress train setup is open and inviting, and thanks to the large window, as a passenger you also get a nice feel of the surroundings. When taking the train from Bregenz to Lindau, it is advisable to choose a seat on the left-hand side of the vehicle (in the direction of travel). On the way back, you should have a seat on the right-hand side in the direction of travel so that you can always be very close to Lake Constance. Although the travel time is only very short between Bregenz and Lindau there is a toilet on board (which I found very spacious, and is also wheelchair accessible) – I particularly liked the cheerful design of the toilet in the form of an alpine grassland wallpaper. I can definitely recommend traveling by Austrian railway operator ÖBB, my trains have always been on time, the staff friendly and the carriages as well as the train stations overall clean.

The REX RegionalExpress between Lindau and Bregenz operates several times daily, examples of connections below.

Lindau Hbfdep 08:25
Lochau-Hörbranzdep 08:32
Bregenz Hafendep 08:35
Bregenzarr 08:37

& retour

Bregenzdep 08:49
Bregenz Hafendep 08:51
Lochau-Hörbranzdep 08:54
Lindau Hbfarr 09:01
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