Parking at Moosegg Pfaender Mountain near Bregenz – for car / motorbike


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Pfaender, or Pfänder, is the adjacent mountain to the lakeside town of Bregenz in Austria, Vorarlberg, at the shores of Lake Constance. Not only the best but also the most popular place to park your car or motorbike on top of Pfänder is the Moosegg “car park”, at a height of 1004 m above sea level. An uncovered gravel parking lot, only a few minutes walk from the Pfänder peak and numerous picturesque hiking trails. If you are lucky you can catch one of the few shady parking spaces, otherwise, most of the parking spaces are in the sun during the day. A few years ago I had already recommended the Moosegg car park on the Pfänder on my german blog, back in 2014, now an update for 2020.

Parking at Moosegg on Bregenz’s local mountain Pfänder – 2020

Compared to my first visit to the parking lot at Moosegg back in 2014, it felt like its capacity has increased, at least a bit. There is no official information on the capacity of the parking lot near the top of the Pfaender mountain. But since there are no fixed lines with individual park bays, the number can of course vary. By the way: camping between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. (overnight) is strictly prohibited!

If you have found a parking space that is as shady as possible, of course, you will have to buy a parking ticket. You don’t need an exit ticket because there are no barriers, you just put a parking ticket prominently visible behind the windshield in the car.

Prices for parking in the Moosegg car parking lot (for both cars and motorbikes / all types of vehicles)

The minimum fee for parking near the Pfänderspitze is 2 Euro. This corresponds to the price for a duration of 1 hour. Each additional hour also costs € 2, half an hour € 1. A parking fee is obligatory from 0 o’clock all the way till midnight, all day long, daily. For my parking time from 09:11 am to 11:41 am, 5 € was due (the schedule in my case – early up the mountain and heading back to the lake near Bregenz/Lochau right before the midday heat started).
The daily 24h fee for the Moosegg parking near the Pfänderspitze is 48 €, the maximum parking session is 60 € (30 hours, afterwards you’d have to start a new parking session on a new ticket).

The parking ticket machine is located directly on the left at the entrance, in the small brown wooden house. To my massive, positive, surprise, the machine also accepts cards and contactless payments, in addition to coins. Depending on the duration of the parking, paying by card / contactless is almost the most appropriate if you want to have some cash left for paying in the local restaurants (partially cash only, no atm for further cash withdrawal).

If you want to / can’t walk from Bregenz to the Pfänder (around 1,5 hours), or if you don’t feel comfortable/safe enough in the Pfänderbahn cable car, the Moosegg parking lot is strongly recommended. From there it is only about 8 minutes by foot to the Pfänderspitze or about 15 minutes to the wildlife park and the mountain station of the Pfänderbahn. Up there the footpath is also relatively pram / wheelchair-friendly (of course there is still an incline, but it is relatively easy to master).

Address Moosegg parking lot

Use the following address for your navigation system, or open it directly in google maps, or follow the signs all the way will “Pfänder”.

Address: Pfänder 26-32, 6911 Lochau, Austria

ticket moosegg parking pfaender

moosegg parking pfaender mountain bregenz vorarlberg blog joydellavita
parkschein hier – buy your parking ticket here
moosegg parking pfaender mountain bregenz vorarlberg blog joydellavita
Moosegg car park at 1 km above sea level


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3 responses to “Parking at Moosegg Pfaender Mountain near Bregenz – for car / motorbike”

  1. […] If you want to visit mountain Pfänder near Lake Constance in Bregenz, you should definitely consider taking the scenic Pfänderbahn cable car. The valley station is just a quick walk from the shores of the Lake, and you can travel to the top of Pfänder within another few minutes. In a panoramic cable car, not only overlooking the city of Bregenz and its neighbouring towns, but as you climb in height your panoramic view soon reaches both Switzerland and Germany. Definitely, an experience you should enjoy on a bright and clear-skied day! If you are travelling to Bregenz by Car, it’s advised to park at the official Pfänderbahn Car Park. Below you find all the necessary information. In case the weather isn’t too suitable on your day of visit, it is also possible to drive to the top of Pfänder mountain by car, and park at Moosegg car park. […]

  2. […] Directly in Bregenz, there are some possibilities to park the car. If you want to accomplish the approximately 1,060 meter-high walking ascent or travel comfortably by the Pfänderbahn cable car, its recommended to proceed directly to the designated parking area at the base station of Pfänderbahn car park (definitely not the cheapest car park in town). Otherwise, you can also park on top of Pfänder mountain, just an easy walk from the top of the mountain by foot, this car park is named Moosegg (quite pricey but super convenient location!) […]




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