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Pizza vending machine in southern Germany | Review

Pizza vending machines are a relatively new concept that is quickly gaining popularity in many parts of the world. In Oberteuringen, near Ravensburg, Markdorf, and Friedrichshafen, there is a pizza vending machine that promises “fresh pizza in 2 minutes.” As a pizza lover, I was curious about this innovative approach to pizza delivery and decided to try it out for myself.

at the Pizza vending machine in Oberteuringen, southern Germany

Upon arriving at the pizza vending machine, I was impressed by its modern design and large touchscreen display. The machine advertised a variety of pizza options, including Margherita, Quattro Formaggi, and Sucuk, with prices ranging from €7.50 to €9.50. I decided to order the Quattro Formaggi pizza and paid for it via my phone using a contactless payment method. It is the most expensive one, with 9,50 € cooked. If you want to cook it at home, the price is 1 € less, so 8,50 €. The standard language of the Pizza vending machine is German, but you can easily switch to other languages, including English.

As I waited for my pizza to be prepared, the large touchscreen display informed me about the baking process. The timer counted down from more than 3 minutes, and I waited as the pizza was being baked inside the machine. I must say that the process was fascinating, receiving a freshly baked pizza from a vending machine, and I was excited to taste my pizza once it was ready.
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did the pizza vending machine reach my expectations?

After a few minutes, the pizza carton came out of the lower opening of the machine, and I eagerly opened it to see my pizza. The pizza looked delicious, and the aroma of melted cheese and tomato sauce filled the air. I was excited to take my first bite, but I decided to take the pizza home to enjoy it in peace and not nearby a Bundesstrasse.

Despite the machine’s promise of “fresh pizza in 2 minutes,” the pizza was not as crispy as I expected. It was warm, but not hot, and the crust was slightly chewy, which affected the overall taste of the pizza. About ten minutes later, when I arrived home, I opened the pizza box, ready to finally taste it. However, I was disappointed to find that the pizza was not crispy and did not taste as good as I initially expected. I suppose that the weather might have played a role in the pizza’s lack of crispiness, as it was only 7 degrees outside and raining.

Pizza Vending machine “Klein und Fein Pizza Automat” in Oberteuringen
Address: Maybach Straße 2, 88094 Oberteuringen, Germany
Opening hours: 24/7 – all day, every day (upon availability)

Quattro Formaggio Pizza
Quattro Formaggio Pizza

Conclusion: Klein und Fein Pizza Automat Pizza vending machine in Oberteuringen

Overall, I would recommend the pizza vending machine in Oberteuringen as a convenient alternative for pizza lovers who are in a hurry or need to satisfy their pizza cravings late at night. The machine operates 24/7 and offers a variety of pizza options at reasonable prices. However, I would advise eating the pizza on-site rather than taking it home, as it does not travel well and loses its crispiness quickly. If it was crispy in the first place…
If you are eager to try reliable tasty Pizza, try this Neapolitan Pizza in Friedrichshafen near the train station and the shores of Lake Constance.

In conclusion, the pizza vending machine in Oberteuringen is a convenient and innovative approach to pizza takeaway, but it is absolutely not a substitute for a wood-fired, authentic Italian pizza. The machine is best suited for people who are looking for a quick and easy pizza fix, but those who are looking for a gourmet pizza experience may be disappointed. I recommend trying the machine at least once to experience the novelty but keep your expectations in check. If you are anyway on Bundesstrasse B33 travelling in between Ravensburg and Markdorf in central southern Germany, git it a try!

Pizza vending machine Oberteuringen
Pizza vending machine at Maybach Straße 2, 88094 Oberteuringen, Germany

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