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Try this Neapolitan style Pizza in Friedrichshafen

by european travelblogger Lisa


Enjoy delicious Neapolitan Style Pizza in Friedrichshafen right by the shores of Lake Constance. Culinary-wise, the region around Lake Constance is usually pretty down to earth with exquisite home cooked-style dishes. The Swabian gastronomy is hearty, often meaty, and features lots of dough and cheese (such as, Käsespätzle). If there is a new Restaurant in the area, that’s usually something to rave about, as more and more classic Restaurants close. One of those new Restaurants is L‘arte della Pizza Friedrichshafen. Situated in the Hofen district, the Pizza place can now be found in the former bakery. As there is limited space on-site, its recommended to take your takeaway pizza and walk for about 500 meters until you reach the shores of Lake Constance. If you use a mobile navigation app, look for: Schloss-Steg at the corner of Werastrasse and Olgastrasse. You can find a few benches there, or sit on the rocky shore to enjoy your Neapolitan-style Pizza in Friedrichshafen.

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New: Neapolitan style Pizza in Friedrichshafen

L‘arte della Pizza Friedrichshafen is unusual for a Restaurant, as its only takeaway or delivery. Like a typical pizza delivery place, usually not of supreme quality, but L‘arte della Pizza offers exactly that. Pizzas in the Neapolitan style with a high, fluffy, soft but elastic crust. Either pre-order for takeaway, pre-prder for delivery or order on the spot for immediate take-away.

To try something a bit more elevated than a classical Neapolitan style Pizza Margherita, we went for the Napoletana Pizza. It’s with tomato sauce, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil, herbs and costs 8,10 €. It took about 10 to 15 minutes and we were handed the Pizza Box with the hot content. Now the 500 meters to the shore of Lake Constance, to enjoy this special Pizza in a nice environment. Luckily the Pizza was pre-cut in quarters, which enabled easy eating.
The Pizza with its fluffy crust was definitely good, even though of course not 100% similar to real Pizza from Naples in southern Italy. It’s definitely recommended to enjoy your Neapolitan style Pizza in Friedrichshafen at L’arte della Pizza if you’re looking for a different Pizza than usual.

L‘arte della Pizza Friedrichshafen
Address: Werastraße 36, 88045 Friedrichshafen, Germany
Opening hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri: 3:30 pm – 10 pm, Sat: 3 pm – 10 pm, national Holidays and Sundays: 2:30 pm – 10 pm, closed on Mondays
Website: www.larte-della-pizza.de
SocialInstagram @l_arte_della_pizza_fn

Napoletana Pizza L‘arte della Pizza Friedrichshafen joydellavita

Neapolitan style Pizza L‘arte della Pizza Friedrichshafen joydellavita

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