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Margherita Pizza Cono / Pizza Cone in Pisa

by european travelblogger Lisa


A small billboard with “Pizza Cone” for Pizza Cone in Pisa caught my attention while I was walking towards the leaning tower. Pizza in a Cone? Sounds interesting, let’s see what it is! and so I followed the small street until a shop with “Pizza Cono” appeared on the right. Fortunately, there were some on Display and they looked quite delicious – in the form of a cone, but filled with tomato sauce and crispy brown on the outside. They got me, I had to try them!

Pizza Cone in Pisa

Inside there was a couple before me so I could order my Margherita Pizza Cone really quick and spent the circa 8 minutes waiting on one of the chairs inside the shop. As I could watch the pre-prepared dough-cones, that seemed to be raw dough, were first stuffed with some mozzarella, then some tomato sauce, then again mozzarella and some more tomato sauce on top. The man also greased the outside with a little tomato sauce and the Pizza Cono went straight into the oven. In total, there are several cones available, starting from 3 euros for the Margherita and ending with 4 euros for all the others ones – filled with meat, wurstel, or vegetables. There is also a vegan pizza cone available, filled with tomato sauce and veggies only.

My Pizza Cone was wrapped in paper towels and still hot, as it came straight out of the oven. The mozzarella on top was melted and the outside, it was tomato sauce before, was pretty dark. The first bite was really tasty and the pizza was crispy, but the more and more I ate, the more the mozzarella has been too much. Nevertheless, I would try a Pizza Cono again, but probably the vegan version with veggies and tomato sauce only.

Pizza Cono Pisa
Address: Via San Bernardo, 55, 56125 Pisa PI, Italy
you can also find the address in the Map

Pictures of my Pizza Cone in Pisa, Italy

Pizza Cone Pisa JoyDellaVita

Pizza Cone Pisa JoyDellaVita

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