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Places with a view in Meersburg at Lake Constance

by european travelblogger Lisa


Meersburg in southern Germany is probably one of the best cities for an astonishing view on Lake Constance and the panorama of southern Germany and Switzerland. Meersburg is located right at the Lake, but as it’s steeply built you just need to climb some steps and from the upper town in the city centre you already have a great view on the Lake. And you can go even higher. Find here now a view Places and Tips on where you can have one of the best views on Meersburg, the Vineyards and Lake Constance.

Places with a view in Meersburg at Lake Constance

As Meersburg is luckily a rather smaller town, with just about five and a half thousand inhabitants, you don’t need a car in the city itself as the distances are short and motorized Vehicles are not allowed in the city centre anyway. Printed Maps are available at the Tourist-Information Office or just use some (offline) Maps on your Smartphone or Tablet for Navigation. At the end of this Article you’ll find a map with my suggested photo points/places with a view.

View from the New Castle Meersburg

The New Castle is located in the upper town part of Meersburg and from the freely accessible terrace you have a great view of the Lake, Constance and the houses in the lower town part of Meersburg. The terrace, which has a beautiful garden, by the way, can be either accessed through the main entrance of the new castle (just walk straight from there) or via the steps right next to the entrance of the old castle on the right side of the new castle.

View from the New Castle Meersburg

View from the New Castle Meersburg

View from Friedrichshöhe

For this viewpoint, you need to walk out of the old part of the town, towards the north. Friedrichshöhe is located at Von-Laßberg-Street and from there you have panoramic views of the historic old town, the lake and the Alps.

Taking the high trail to Hagnau

Hagnau is a neighbouring city of Meersburg, about 3 km towards the east, and both cities are connected through a highly situated trail that can be walked either way. This trail is also called “Meersburger Weinwanderweg” or “Weinkundeweg” (I don’t know why there are so many names for it…) and during the walk, you find 18 information signs about Wine and Winegrowing. In total the Weinwanderweg is 6km long, leading up to the higher situated part, to Hagnau, and back on the lake side.
A great service is that the City offers Guided Tours on this Trail every Tuesday starting at 10am, from April to October. Participation is free and it takes about 2 hours. The Meeting Point is at Kirchstraße 4.

View from the Gutsschänke Terrasse and the steps through the vineyard

Gutsschänke is a restaurant at/between/above the state winery of Meersburg and from there you have not just a great view on the Lake, you also get to see the harbour with its three berths for ships. Right next to the Restaurant there is also a little garden that is freely accessible, with the same view and two benches to chill, rest and enjoy the scenery.
From there the stairs lead you to the harbor, passing one of the vineyards of Meersburg. On the upper part there are a view benches from where you have a great view on the Lake and harbour as well.

View from Gutsschänke on the Harbour of Meersburg and Lake Constance

View from Gutsschänke on the Harbour of Meersburg and Lake Constance

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