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Get your BEME CODE here!

BEME is the new Social-Social Platform by YouTuber and Video Filmmaker Casey Neistat. As the App is still in its early stages accessing the app works by invitation only. So one registered person gets one code every 24 hours, and only one person can register with one Code. This is just because there aren’t too many new people on the platform at once, so just always a few more. But there are some Easter egg codes that I’m sharing here with you. If you want to follow me on Beme, I already shared some Bem’s when I went to Meersburg and on a ship on Lake Constance, my username there is @hyyperlic.

About Beme

The thing behind BEME is that it’s basically a video sharing platform, but the Videos are just 4 seconds long and can be only viewed by others one single time. Once you’ve seen a Video you can’t view it again (unless you register a new Account…). To record a clip you have to cover the sensors on the Display-side of your iPhone (they are positioned on different places on different iPhones, so just cover up the part around the ‘Selfie’-Camera) and it immediately starts filming. Either do this with your Thumb (like I did, see the picture above) or like holding the iPhone against your chest to start a BEME. BEME, like Be Me only works if you’re not watching your screen, so that you’re still enjoying that moment and share it without beeing disturbed.

Working BEME Codes – Get your BEMECODE here!

Just download the BEME App from the Apple App Store, open it and choose an Username. Once the App asks for a BEME CODE type in one of these following ones and you’re in. Send them also to your Friends so you can watch the world through each other’s eyes – it’s awesome!


Please comment below if any BEME code isn’t working (anymore), and/or if you have any more ones that work!

PS: An Android Version will follow – soon.
PS 2 / Fun Fact: When I entered the Platform I asked for a Code on Twitter – the first one that responded wanted some nudes of me in exchange – please don’t send me some of you, the BEME Codes above are free!!

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