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Pommes Freunde Frankfurt at MyZeil

If you want to enjoy delicious Fries with a variety of Belgian sauces you should definitely stop by any Pommes Freunde in Germany. This chain has currently 5 sales points in Germany; 3 in Munich, 2 in Leipzig, and 1 in Frankfurt. Years ago I was a regular customer at their shop at the Stachus Passagen in Munich near the main train station. During my recent trip to Frankfurt, I visited them at MyZeil Shopping Center.

MyZeil is located right in the shopping area in the center of Frankfurt, in the street Zeil, and is easy to reach by public transport and/or foot. To find them you can either take the elevator to the highest level, or you can take several escalators that take you up each level at a time. Once you’re there you can also enjoy the view on the shopping street and parts of the city. I’ll soon share a “Places with a view” Article about the best views on and in Frankfurt, but till then you can enjoy your fries. But besides Fries, which is probably the most popular dish served by Pommes Freunde Frankfurt at MyZeil, they also offer Burger, Currywurst, and Hot Dogs. Normally they use 100% beef for their patties, but you can also order a Veggie- order Halal-Version of their Burgers/Currywurst or Hot Dogs. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll definitely try one of their Veggie “Hütten Burger” the next time I visit them (it’s made out of a Patty of your choice, salad, tomato, cheddar cheese, bacon, pickle, and crispy onions). As I side I will as usually have a small portion of their thin Fries, which cost 1,95 €. They are cooked in fat and always crispy on point. But the best part comes now, their free and ‘original Belgian sauces’. You can choose between 10 different sauces, and try as much and many as you want. My favorites are the Tartar Sauce, the Pepper one, the Cocktail, and their own ‘Original Freunde Ketchup’.
Right next to Pommes Freunde, you can find coa – Cuisine of Asia.

Address Pommes Freunde Frankfurt MyZeil

Zeil 106
60313 Frankfurt

Pommes Freunde Frankfurt Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10 am to 10 pm

10 Free Belgian Sauces at Pommes Freunde Frankfurt MyZeil

10 Free Belgian Sauces at Pommes Freunde Frankfurt MyZeil

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